Amit Shah to Inaugurate Bihar Campaign Worth ₹144 Crore Virtually Amid the Coronavirus Unrest and Losses

With the country coping with a significant death rate, starving masses, Public rampant, and chaos ensued due to the Perilous Coronavirus (COVID-19) deepening its roots. Hoping to come out of the clutches of this Virus, the abiding masses have focused and channeled themselves towards the Government to soon find better and more synchronized ways of combating the current eerie state but with the recent moves made by the BJP Party seems to oppose this Hope. How?

Recently on Tuesday, Bhartiya Janta Party has decided to spend the hard earn monies of the citizens by holding ‘virtual rallies‘ in Bihar before the state elections that are scheduled to occur later this year. What is more shocking is that when the country is going through such tough times with the Economy plunging to the lowest, every penny matters. Then how can BJP usurp the country’s money (up to ₹144 Crore) and steer such expensive campaigns to kick-off their personal agendas?  

The Said Purpose of these money infused rallies is to reach millions of people through thousands of LED screens placed at various spots across the state.

Now why this move of conducting virtual rallies comes out as a hasty one is because most of the population hailing from Jharkhand and Bihar are people who don’t have smartphones thus, leading to having no access to the internet

Mr. Shah in his unique virtual rally where he addressed the masses of Bihar from the national capital (New Delhi) through various online broadcast media was quoted saying that the state has moved from “jungle raj to Janta Raj” under the NDA rule.

Opposition Criticism

Also, Congress leader and former Union Minister Akhilesh Prasad Singh officially called out Amit Shah in a virtual press conference for conducting such rally with personal political agenda in mind at a time when people of Bihar are dying of not only Coronavirus but also with the mismanaged healthcare Infrastructure along with people left to starve and fend for themselves with the whole Country going under a Lockdown.

He further criticized by adding that the ruling Party not only spent around Rs 100 crore on the virtual rally but also have distributed up to one lakh mobile phones were distributed among the people along with 72,000 of these LED’s screens: A claim made by the opposition. Also, the overall cost of setting up these rallies is said to 144 crores.

Also, if the Central Government does not have funds to transport the brimming migrant workers waiting and starving to go back to their home or provide them with stable food then how did the BJP was able to pull such hefty money to spend on political rallies. It seems like there is a huge difference in the government’s priorities

All these are definitely run with an aim to lure the masses with the fusion of money and Power and indeed this is an astonishing move by BJP for not thinking about the citizens of India and failing miserably for not even trying to formulate better schemes and project to provide proper aid.

This step from the BJP was not only criticized by the opposition party, but it also amassed a lot of criticism from the whole Country who took displayed their angst against BJP Via twitter and various social media platforms.

 Some Key Highlights of the Rally addressed by Mr. Amit Shah.

Mr. Amit Shah addressed the rally by congratulating the combined leadership of CM Nitish Kumar and his deputy Sushil Kumar Modi for tackling COVID-related and migrants’ issues. “The Bihar government alone spent Rs 8,538 crore for relief of its people and migrants who returned to the state,” He said.

Also, while stating some facts, the home minister took a jibe at

rule by saying the Bihar government had taken GDP growth of 3.9 percent in RJD-Congress rule to 11.3 percent under the Nitish-led NDA government. “The state budget size has gone up from Rs 23,800 crore in 2004-05 to Rs 2,11,761 crore in 2020-21. Electricity supply is available to 100 percent households now as against 22 percent availability in RJD rule,”.

BJP’s Take on the Criticism.

Obviously, BJP has rebuffed the claims of the opposition party stating that it’s just a mere rumor propagated to tarnish the main purpose of these rallies and also concluded by stating that the cost and number of the LEDs were so high. As per in one report, the estimate is 20,000 LED screens, whereas another stated the numbers to be: 10,000 LEDs + 50,000 TV screens.

 Well, this is surely not the answer we were looking for. Even though there has been a miscalculation in the no of LED Screens being employed and what not. Still, this should not have been a priority of the Central Government. With such a behemoth amount of 144 crores, the Government could have employed the money to tackle existing challenges that the Bihar masses are facing.  


Even after being called out for their action BJP has yet not made any official move to cancel or reveal the actual cost to deny all the rumors, they are still focusing their priority on the upcoming 75 such rallies. Thus, infusing all the money into such rallies rather than feeding the starving masses and hopeless migrants coming back to their home without any facilities.


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