Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha derives its name from the teardrop of Rudra or Lord Shiva and is widely believed to be a strong way to experience the cosmic force. It also personifies a powerful connection between the heaven and earth. The rudraksha tree and the fruit are of paramount importance in Hindu culture as they possess divine and mystical characteristics. Owing to the “mukhis of rudraksha”, their magnetic properties, have a direct, positive impact on the human body.


Let us look at the benefits of wearing a Rudraksh broadly and how they positively affect our health and other facets of life.


Rudrakshas build robust protection circles that act as a shield against negativity and pave the way for a successful life by removing any obstacles. As it is produced naturally, all the energy that is soaked up from the environment and from the body is converted into positive energy.


If you are stressed owing to heavy workload, or financial failures, rudraksha can bring a sense of peace and calm and remove any kind of worries one is going through. They have been in use for over centuries and are only known to impact lives in a positive manner.


Wearing the right rudraksha can alter your karma in the right direction. You will be naturally inclined to make the right choices and this enhances your chances of being successful and progressive in your life. Rudraksh has in it’s within to give and bless the wearer all monetary and worldly pleasures. Rudraksh more so benefits the wearer with windfall gains too.

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We live in a materialistic world and rudrakshas are believed to fill your soul with that much needed spiritual power. This in turn enhances the sparkle within your soul and the expression of divine power is more tangible in a world that is so caught up with materialistic pursuits.


Certain types of rudraksha endow the wearer with success in both spiritual and worldly spheres. A high level of confidence and willpower helps the wearer tackle the toughest challenges in life and emerge victorious. A specific category of rudrakshas, help an individual control their urge to raging tempers. It also helps in developing patience.


Rudraksha are also used to eradicate any malefic planetary effect. Every constellations found in the universe are controlled by a specific rudraksha. The mukhis that represent different rudraksha in particular receives and emits tremendous amount of energy.


For those who are constantly travelling on business and have to eat and stay in different places, rudraksha act like a protective energy cocoon and a firm foundation. As rudraraksha have both electromagnetic and ayurvedic properties, they are best used to maintain peace, calm, focus and cure all kinds of ailments.


Rudraksh by itself  never hold on to negative energy and therefore the rudraksha beads clearly have no negative planetary effect on them and never have malefic impacts on its wearer. It is only about choosing the right “rudraksha mukhi” to enhance the desired benefit.


It is commonly believed that the right Rudraksh can elevate ones soul and as mentioned in scriptures can lead one to attain moksh because of its purity.

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*But REMEMBER wearing a rudraksh alone will not transform your life instantly. It is a coupling of hard work, patience, resilience and professional guidance in choosing and wearing the right rudraksh.


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