Bill Gates Calls India An Innovator Of The New Breakthroughs, Can Help The Tech Firms Globally in 2023

Bill Gates has addressed India’s role in global innovation expansion. India has 700 million young individuals and educational institutions that are getting stronger by the end of the day.

Recently, Bill Gates, the co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, delivered the fifth Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture in New Delhi, where he addressed issues like climate change and the creation of an equal world through innovation and health systems.

He opened up in his speech by talking about twenty-five years ago when diarrhea was killing three million people every year, over 90 percent in lower-income countries. He talked about the injustice that the world had to face because of the lack of life-saving tools, and the chances of death were 50 times more for poor countries than in the US. This has shifted his focus from Microsoft as he worked to develop the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2008, where he determined that he would work on improving health conditions and reducing inequities.

On his visit to the Indian Agricultura Research Institute, where India’s first green revolution took place, Bill Gates talked about the potential of the Indian tech sector.

He has shown deep interest in the agricultural research programs conducted by the IARI, particularly the development of climate-resilient agriculture and conservation agriculture.

IARI Director has opened up to legitimate media sources stating that Bill Gates was impressed with the projects conducted in the institute and almost spent one and a half hours there, indicating that he should invest in a national program.

He visited the climate change facility in the IARI and saw how increased levels of carbon dioxide could be stimulated, and crops could be cultivated in the fields.

Bill Gates has developed a keen interest in conservation agriculture because one of his aims was to seek for a solution to address malnutrition globally, for which he is attempting to develop sustainable tools for agriculture.

Bill Gates has even visualized the drone technology, which was in operation by the IARI for monitoring the insect and pests in the fields and a program for the creation of drought-tolerant chickpeas in the fields.

When the director was questioned about receiving any funding from him, he mentioned that the institute had already received many fundings from him. They have received funding for the digitization of plant breeding and the development of human resources in new fields of science, which include genome editing and so on.

Indian tech can help the farmers globally: Bill Gates

Bill gates

Bill Gates has addressed the suffering of the people due to climate change. Sub-Saharan Africa contributes about four percent of the carbon emissions but is still the victim of the latter.

The Climate change-related losses in most African farms are double what is showcased globally. Thus, it has been predicted that the continent will have more than 32 million hungry people by the end of the decade.

But, the prediction does not necessarily mean that it will come true because of the new tools that the farmers are seeking to mitigate climate change.

The IARI is developing new cultivars of chickpeas to address the lowering yield due to slight climate change. It is still too early to jump to conclusions. But, the new varieties are pricing 10 percent more chickpeas than the existing varieties and are more drought resistant.

Bill Gates has addressed India’s role in global innovation expansion. India has 700 million young individuals and educational institutions that are getting stronger by the end of the day. The world needs innovation, especially when it will come from India.

India has played a crucial role in the global innovation ecosystem- not just a beneficiary of all the discoveries but even an innovator of such breakthroughs. India has the capability to develop high-quality and cost-effective breakthroughs that can cause their rapid spread. It can be made evident by the discovery of vaccines. India’s first rotavirus vaccine is not just limited to India.

But through the vaccine alliance named gavi- they are now being exported and have already saved the lives of many children around the globe. India’s role in vaccine development has given it massive momentum in the development of covid vaccines. India emerged as the global leader in manufacturing covid-19 vaccines around the world. It is one of the objectives being highlighted in the G20, focussing on India’s digital infrastructure.

Financial empowerment and identity authentication by Adhaar has provided almost all Indian with digital identities and bank accounts. It has helped farmers to get loans easily. Currently, India has come out as a place that can sustain a new era of global partnership to overcome various global challenges.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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