Bipin Preet Singh- The Man Behind India’s Leading Fintech Company- MobiKwik

Mr. Bipin Preet Singh established One Mobikwik Systems Private Limited in 2008 and has been its Chief Executive Officer since August 2009. Singh has helped to establish Zaak ePayment Services Pvt Ltd. in 2010 and fills in as its New Products Officer. He constructed the center installments motor at Zaakpay to take care of the installment issues he confronted running his eCommerce adventure He fills in as a Director of One Mobikwik Systems Private Limited. Singh began MobiKwik with the vision of making portable installments simpler for the normal Indian client. His present spotlight is on taking the MobiKwik Wallet to a billion Indians (client development), item advancement, and financial specialist relations. Bipin has worn a few caps at MobiKwik – from composing Java code, to Customer Support and Marketing. Preceding his innovative adventure, Bipin was at Intel, Nvidia and Freescale Semiconductors. He has fiddled with publicizing as a Partner with Star Auto and in municipal promotion as a volunteer with Janagraaha. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Bipin started his career not long after he finished his engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2002. He began his first employment as a Senior Design Engineer at Intel around the same time. In his multiyear spell at Intel, he was responsible for taking care of the Whitefield venture which was likewise known to be Intel’s first server smaller scale processor structure, wherein he his errands included creating far-reaching equipment configuration experience.

Subsequent to taking a shot at the previously mentioned activities for very nearly eighteen months, Bipin then moved to Freescale Semiconductor as a SoC Architect in mid-2007. To just clarify it, he dealt with making and dissecting execution models, growing new use cases and in the meantime, proposing new highlights for Motorola Chipsets. Presently clearly the greater part of what is referenced above would be troublesome for the layman to see, however he assumed a critical job at the profiles he worked at, and these were the absolute most imperative learning periods of his life. Be that as it may, for an obscure reason in the last about two years, Bipin was start to feel eager and anxious when it went to his profession. Like the vast majority of us profoundly eager animals, he also was start to feel that, his work was no more truly sufficiently difficult and an advancement to a higher position wouldn’t have made a difference a lot to him too. One thing was clear in his mind was that, he was intended for something important and better, so then the main two things left in his brain were either to go and seek after his MBA or start-up something of his own. In any case, he took the last choice and started imagining his pioneering adventure.

What’s more, that is the place everything started!

In the wake of addressing many individuals and in the wake of getting a great deal of dismissals, he one day discovered an old level mate of his from Bangalore, who quickly consented to his thought, after which, he likewise got in Sunali Aggarwal from East Village to join forces with them for client experience. Since he had everything – the business abilities, the specialized aptitudes and ease of use in his can, he contributed a seed capital of around Rs.8 lakhs from his own pocket, to start the undertaking. The vast majority of the venture was spent on the principle encompassing variables like foundation, site, installment alternatives, office space, and so forth. Lastly in 2009; established MobiKwik! What helped them considerably more was their craving to give individuals precisely what they are missing and need. Considering this methodology, inside a month’s time they started to get a decent measure of footing.

The following clear undertaking for the organization was to advertising. In any case, much the same as each other start-up with a tight spending plan, they were compelled to be extremely calculative on where they spent their cash. Thus, verbal exchange was one of the main promoting methods they could choose, aside from web-based social networking obviously. From that point forward, there has been no thinking back for them and their development has been enormous.

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