Cipla Gave Rs 25 Crore To The Government For The Fight Against Corona

Pharmaceutical company, Cipla said on Tuesday that it had given Rs. 25 crore to support the government in combating the corona virus epidemic. Cipla told the stock market that the money was contributed by the employees of the company to the tune of about three crores.

The company mentioned that nine crore rupees will be deposited in the PM-Care fund out of Rs. 25 crore. Apart from this, it has  announced to give eight crore rupees to various state governments. Also, Cipla’s philanthropy arm, Cipla Foundation will spend Rs 4 crore for programs related to Covid-19 epidemic prevention.

Many of these programs are already underway. The company said that it has allocated four crore rupees for the supply of medicines, personal protective equipment, sanitizers, masks, gloves and other essential items including food. In view of the danger of corona virus epidemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set up the ‘Prime Minister’s Civil Assistance and Emergency Situation Relief Fund’ (PM Cares).

Famous personalities and industrialists of the country have contributed to the relief fund in the war against coronavirus. Many veterans have taken steps to help fight the disease. Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, also assisted the PM Care Fund with one lakh rupees from her salary to help in the efforts being made by the government to control Covid-19.

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