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Coronavirus: What is the risk of infection in your job?

Coronavirus: What is the risk of infection in your job?

Millions of people around the world are working from their homes during the lockdown. They are also confronting many difficulties in working in the space created with adjustments.
The space being offered from home deals with difficulties in time management and technical facilities.
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In Britain, people have been told in England that if they are unable to work from home, then they could go back to the office, provided it was safe to work there.
Necessary precautions and safety measures would be taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
But how are you at risk of coronavirus infection while doing your job and what is your job situation compared to others?
In most jobs people have to work while staying close to each other. Some sit so far away from each other in the office that they can raise their hands and touch.
The desks are arranged at least proximity which might allow the violation of social and physical distancing.
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Also, the consumption of eatables needs to be taken care of. But there are some jobs in which the risk of coronavirus infection is more than that of other jobs. 
Risk of coronavirus infection
Based on the survey conducted in the United States and the data obtained from Britain’s National Statistics Office,
this table has been created in which you can assess the risk of coronavirus infection according to your profession.
The risk of illness at work and how far people are working sitting away from each other, these data are based on interviews conducted in America.
These interviews were conducted before the epidemic began and the lockdown was implemented.
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Certain information was collected regarding how to efficiently provide the employees with facilities.
The thing is to keep in mind here is that in some professions, workplace conditions may be different from US.
The biggest risk is to people doing jobs related to health services. The threat to artists, lawyers, financial advisors, or HR employees is minimal.
At the same time, the risk of cleaning employees, prison officials and people engaged in funeral services are also comparatively high.
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But the biggest risk from the new coronavirus infection is people who have close contact with people but who have not been exposed to diseases.
Such people include bartenders, barbers, actors, taxis drivers, or people working on brick kilns.
An assessment of the data on deaths from coronavirus infection has shown that the risk of taxi drivers remains high.


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