Finding new measures to fight against the epidemic.

The origin of the epidemic goes back to China, the nation, though with its strategy recovered at a good pace but the virus doesn’t seem to leave the nation. There have been more cases that are surfacing in even today’s date. Besides taking precautionary measures, China has also imposed strict surveillance rules to encounter the problem of spreading the virus. Many countries are taking measures to overcome the spread of this communicable disease, though countries like Brazil, the United States, Spain, etc. are struggling with a spread as yet. The countries didn’t follow a strict procedure to overcome the spread, the loopholes of their strategies were observed in their workings. For instance, many American citizens were seen outside even after the lockdown was imposed. There was least following of ‘social distancing’ and ‘physical distancing’. People gathered and the increase of Covid-19 cases was seen. Countries like New Zealand and Japan have confronted the problem differently. There have been less cases as compared to other nations. What do we need to learn from these countries? 
The extent to which China is monitoring its citizens has been reflected during the coronavirus epidemic. According to the sources, monitoring stations are being projected as epidemic war rooms. The government is keeping a close watch on where people are going and whom they are meeting.
China is developing the world’s most advanced and complex surveillance system. Under this, tens of millions of cameras have been installed in public places. Apart from this, surveillance is also being done with smartphones and facial recognition technology. According to government officials, government media, and local people, the administration is tracking people from outside and quarantining them through an app linked to location data and ID.
Apart from this, the camera surveillance system has also played an important role in identifying the suspects. Through this network, people exposed to infected people have been identified.
Not only this, business establishments and people violating the restrictions are also being identified and punished if needed.
The sources quoted a government official involved in monitoring the people as saying that ‘This is a war-like situation. We are thinking the same as in the time of war.’
China’s surveillance system may be high tech, but it also requires a large number of people to watch video footage. These people who watch videos are called grid members. These cameras constantly look at the pictures being received from the network.
The cases in Japan have been around thirty-thousand, but the nation stays successful in overcoming the Covid-19 ill and fatal effects. Surprisingly enough Japan has not been affected largely on the scale even when the citizens were exposed to the infected patients. This remains mysterious. But since the day Covid-19 entered, the nation imposed few rules on the citizens regarding the containment of the virus.
The medical team of Japan was ready for mass testing, all the groups who formed a cluster were called and tested for the same. The step was taken on February 28th, the cluster-approach was implemented.
Another key ‘Japan Model‘ was the three C’s
 a. The closed spaces with poor ventilation
 b. Crowded places with many people nearby 
 c. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.
This model of following the three C’s was observed. Besides the norm of ‘social distancing’ and ‘physical distancing’ was followed as the country doesn’t have a tradition of practices such as hugging, hand-shaking, kissing, etc. This also mitigated the affects of coronavirus.
Japan poses such strategies through the social and geographical conditions, such model has been also adopted by countries like South Korea and Singapore with more advanced workings. The technical advancements are made. 
Country like India where the population remains to be in crores, the suffocated areas remain to exist. The lockdown might not be able to produce an effective mitigation of the cases but India could follow the technical advancements and also practice the vigilance. Such procedures could help countries to gain momentum over the situation and fight against the coronavirus.

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