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The pandemic Covid 19 has a long-term effect on India’s Health care program!

The pandemic Covid 19 has a long-term effect on India’s Health care program!

Covid 19 virus breakdown originated from China in late 2019 was the most significant challenge humanity has faced since the Second World War, Defining the most significant global health crises of our times. India was struck late but eventually led with the most covid cases after the US, with nearly about 1 Cr cases recorded.

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Now, the significant long-term impact on India’s health care system would be considerable.
Firstly after the pandemic, we have realized that India’s medical infrastructure is not prepared for dealing with this scale of a medical emergency.

Though the government has tried, it’s best to provide the necessary medical care for covid. But the country with such a vast population, it was a difficult task. The availability of covid isolation centers, hospital beds, ventilators, PPE kits, sanitizers, doctors, police force, other healthcare personnel, and sanitization workers was a big task to deal with. We can blame China for informing late about the covid breakdown.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | FDA

But we also can’t deny that, despite its vast population, china managed to control covid cases within few months of breakdown because of its firm rule implementation policy, which shows us the reality of our weak medical infrastructure lack of ace medical facilities. So this must be an eyeopener for the Indian health care system to be prepared for this emergency scale in the future.

Secondly, one of the hectic and significant tasks would be the availability and distribution of covid vaccination. In such a large portion of the population, we already have a suitable example of polio vaccination, which took around a decade to eradicate the virus, including the efforts of WHO completely. We should be looking at the population’s scale to be vaccinated, and the priorities should be set for emergency cases. In short, the proper, faster, and considerably economical methods of vaccination, because in the end, this problem will stay on till its wholly eradicated.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and HIV: Key issues and actions -  PAHO/WHO | Pan American Health Organization

Thirdly, the long-term effect will be the awareness in the mass about cleanliness and maintaining proper hygiene and sanitization, pre covid situations are different. Maintaining cleaning and hygiene was optional, but I know it would be a necessity. We want the appropriate implementation of health and hygiene rules. People here are not severe even after the strict orders and guidance and notices Issued By the government.

Covid-19 pandemic in India updates: Coronavirus status by city and state

The police force and Other government officials have to force people to obey practically. This shows the attitude towards the government orders, people’s interest is weak, and that too for their health and safety. Hence Indian health care will work upon making safety rules and trying to make people understand the depth of the situation and spreading awareness, which will help the government for rule implementation.

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