COVID-19 Spread Prevention; Delhi Government launched the ‘PAPERLESS TICKET’ project

The whole world is terrorized by the increasing spread of the deadly virus. It is no news that India got hit on a different level when the virus kept its foot n the nation. And one of the most suffering places was the national capital. But the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal now claims the situation to be under control. The capital has somehow been able to gather its strength back and stable its ground.

The rapid increase in news cases still remains a concern to worry about, and in that regard, many necessary precautions have been implemented in the city. It is rightly said that time and tide wait for none, hence the freezing phase of lockdown had to be lifted at some point and the unlocking began. If people need to survive, they need to normalize the situation and gain their strength back on foot. For everything, people need to step out of their homes and further need transportation. The question still remains, how safe it is going to be when one is traveling in a means of public transport? People will be taking some kind of a life risk because of a lack of other convenient options but all the concerned authorities can try to minimize the threat to some extent by implementing certain innovative measures. 

One of the most used modes of transport is the bus service and it would need some preventive measures when it would be time to provide service. Currently, Delhi buses are operational but with certain restrictions which include that not more than twenty-five passengers can travel at the same time, and each passenger is needed to be seated.

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On the 5th of August, yesterday, the transport minster Mr. Kailash Gahlot said that Delhi’s transport department commenced on a pilot basis a provision for contact-less ticketing. This will apply to all the buses that connect Badarpur with Anand Vihar ISBT on route number 473 for 3 days. 

Mr. Kailash mentioned that to assist the commuters during this 3-day pilot run in Delhi by a certain team of the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, online training has been given to all the conductors. He also said that the intention behind this initiative is to decrease the physical exchange of tickets and cash among the conductors and the commuters during this period of coronavirus pandemic. 

How well this plan take place? It is going to be a very simple process. The interested in traveling passengers will have to scan the QR codes available on their mobile phone device during traveling via a mobile application which will be specifically designed to satisfy this purpose. The required fare payment can be done through e-wallets like Google Pay or the other UPI based payment systems which will be supported by the earlier mentioned mobile application.

This seems to be a good plan by the Delhi Government, the city awaits to see its implication. The three-day trial will be able to tell how traveling in busses is going to take a turn for good. The plan tends to portray that it can be implemented in the long run as well.   

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