Did COVID-19 trigger a sedentary lifestyle impacting your gut?

Did COVID-19 trigger a sedentary lifestyle impacting your gut?

During the pandemic COVID-19, the first message that one ought to pay attention to is never to let your guard down, and it is necessary to ensure that you are safeguarded.

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However, it doesn’t appear to be the case as most patients trying online doctor consultation look to be showcasing a host concerns that need surgical intervention. The rapid rise in the number of gastrointestinal infections has noted in patients across the last 3-4 months.

These gastrointestinal problems are associated with digestion. There has been a drop in physical exercise or workout, a change in eating habits, and overeating eating is a common household trend. These lifestyle factors have provided to complaints from people facing a rising number of gastrointestinal problems.

Also, several patients have also been seen to have had issues with hyper-acidity and gastro reflux disease. Another ordinary health matter amongst many is “Gall Stones,” which are related to critical pain in the abdomen that leads to Gall Bladder Disease. If not treated in time, it can begin to critical life-threatening complications. 

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“Moving downwards into the intestinal tract, and some patients have had complaints of pain in the right lower abdomen because of constipation. At the same time, others have suffered problems with Acute Appendicitis. A majority of these patients have also been operated upon after their Appendix ruptured. A notable number of people are seen to have been suffered from serious difficulty when passing motions due to lesser fluid intake, odd sleeping hours, and heading to a break in the Circadian Rhythm. All of this is connected to living a sedentary lifestyle as we all were homebound and will remain the same with the intervals of lockdown due to COVID-19.

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There are many patients who have been operated on for Fissures and Hemorrhoids across the two months, their complications rising out of all lifestyle changes. One necessity that abstains from panicking to medical aid is available through non-COVID OPD’s or teleconsultation, which is an excellent viable option. However, the expert advises that following particular self-help tips will help facilitate your health burden.

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Avoid fermented foods. Due to a lack of physical activity during the lockdown, consumption of fermented food may lead to a lot of reflux issues, and you may not want to end up facing the outcomes of hyper-acidity or acid reflux.

If you suffer gastrointestinal issues repeatedly, it is best to cook and consume all your meals at home. Have healthy foods, and eat small meals every two hours as it is the time required for digestion. Also, keep shifting between liquid diet and regular soft diet to ensure smooth digestion. If possible, within your physical captivity and residential premises, go for a mandatory walk daily. Maintaining a low-fat diet is vital and reduce your intake of Carbohydrates and add more Protein in your diet.

Sufficient intake of fluids is essential, and keeping yourself hydrated well is the key to proper digestion.

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Avoid eating the food fast as it leads to Aerophagia, swallowing of air with food that continues to reflux disease. Enjoy your meal, rather than finishing it as a task as it also has a significant impact on digestion.

Social and stress-related habits that include alcohol consumption and smoking can be harmful to a settled digestive system.

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