Debudatta Upadhyaya- Founder of Timesaverz that saves time for working professionals and mothers.

There used to be a time when the work was divided between the male and the female in a family. The male would take care of the career and the woman would take of the household chores. But with the advent of equal opportunity for men and women, the women started taking up jobs and also working. It was easier for the women to manage back then because the lived in Joint families but Now with the Nuclear families and the mothers having to work take care of the household chores and of the babies, with full time jobs. Juggling between all of this becomes extremely Hectic and there is a lot of pressure and no peace of mind.
This is when we start hunting for house help and try to find if there are housemaids who can help us out with our daily chores. But finding house help in this age, there are a lot of issues, they need to be trustworthy, there are lot of issues about house help stealing money and then there is the fear of if they are going to work properly and do the work with utmost cleanliness like how it is in the normal houses. The safety and trustworthiness of the house help also comes into question in this situation. The House help sector in India was currently very disorganised and displaced but that is precisely why it becomes very difficult for working moms to juggle between two things that is the family and the full time job along with the household chores and many other things that come along with the responsibility of the job and also a full time care taking of the family and the family life. Even the affordability and feasibility of the house held is a major factor in taking these decisions.
Even for Debudatta Upadhyaya who was working a full time job and running a family this became a challenge she saw that is became very difficult for her to Manage and juggle between the two roles that is her professional life and her personal life and that is when she started discussing this with the other people who are in the same position and realised that she was not the only one who was facing and going through this problem and that is when the idea and the light bulb struck in her head and she decided to start the company Timesaverz to help working women a platform to find househelp in the taking care of the daily chores and the house hold activities in a Nuclear family.
Debudatta Upadhyaya who is fondly called as Deb was born in Odisha in the City of Rourkela. To a couple who were hard working and dedicated. The father was working as an HR and the mother was in the education and teaching profession. And she also lived part of her life in Bhilai in Chhattisgarh. Having completed her schooling over there she went to pursue her dreams in the world of Literature where she went on to complete her graduation in the same. With hopes and dreams of getting into the Glamorous Industry of Journalism she went moved to the Larger city of Nagpur to become a Journalist and then she was suddenly very Interested in the sales and marketing side of the Industry and when she went to apply a job to Times Of India in Nagpur, she actually turned out be more Interested in the sales aspect of it and hence she took up that particular area as her career path and became a sales executive in the same company.
The Entrepreneurial bug has been in Debudatta Upadhyaya’s head from a very young age. She was taking up a job to gain some experience and traction in the same field. But they say that the need fr a business idea stems from the Persona experience of trying to do something and not being able to find a solution. Most successful Businesses have stemmed out the fact that they have been trying to solve a problem. As Debudatta started to scale and grow in her Professional career she started to notice that she was finding it difficult to take care of the family and work life balance. It is never and easy task to be able to take care of a family and a job. Conversations with her friends made her realise that a lot of her friends too were facing a similar issue. So that is when In the year of 2012 Timesaverz came into being.
Timesaverz, stands Testimony to its name and is a platform for professional working women to find help in the household chores. The House help market is a $4 Billion Market that is currently available in India but is not being able to reach its full potential because on lack of trust and mismanagement in that particular sector. So now with Timesaverz a lot of Women are able to enjoy the balance between the household work and the professional work as they are hiring aid from Timesaverz. A platform that is to bring together the disorganised sector of the house help and the people looking for house help professionals on a single platform. You do not have to worry about anything once you get House help from this platform since they are extremely well trained, curated and professional in their tasks and work.
Deb being an Entrepreneur herself truly believes that family time is equally important and has a 9 year-old son who is a delight to find at the end of a hectic day at work for Deb. He is very understanding and adamant when he has to spend time with his mother. During the weekdays he does not disturb his mother but on weekends he ensures he gets his mom time. As a family they like to travel and eat. The do that as a family task to stay put. Deb believes that experimenting and trying to solve a problem is a definite way forward for future Entrepreneurs.

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