Radhika Roy co-chairperson and MD NDTV

In today’s age of information bombardment, the first thing that one used to do earlier in the morning was to read the newspaper. Sitting at the comfort of your homes you are able to understand what is happening all over the world. NEWS which basically is an abbreviation of North East West South is in a way of saying that this is what brings Information from around   the world including all these directions. News is important and an essential part of an individual’s life all over. A news today is not just a source of information but it is a platform to learn General knowledge but also to learn and discuss opinions. News is a conversation starter these days, a mode of making friends and companions, bonds build based on the kind of news you watch and the opinions of which let you make the kind of companions that you will have.
While news holds such an Important role in People’s lives the sources that provide News are also extremely Important. The importance of news lies in the authenticity of the source as well. There is not one source of news these days, news is available almost every step of everyday. And with everyone on the internet being capable of forming opinions and overthrow the News agencies and putting them in their place even if one aorta of the vast ocean of the information that is available in the world that can be extremely to have a media agency and to be able to share and the authentic and correct information to the whole world. Even a little bit of a reluctance and carelessness in this area may cause a downward spiral.
Despite all the above-mentioned risks and formalities having a woman to be the front face of such an organisation that delivers this is a magnanimously incredible task. And is a big step and Inspiration for all the woman around the world over. Yes, I am talking about the famous media company NDTV which is an abbreviation of the term New Delhi Television. And the Co-founder and COO is one of the most influential women In India, Radhika Roy.
She has sound experience and influence in the Journalism Industry with having had a successful stint in the Print media industry as a very well renowned and rather successful journalist. She worked in the Industries best Companies like The Indian Express and India today. She has a complete of One decade of experience before jumping to start a venture of her own. She has had a lot of accolades to her name before she started the company in the year 1988. Where she along with her husband Prannay Roy started the news channel to bring out authentic and quality news to the masses.
NDTV is now one of the highest rated news channels in the country and is believed to be one of the trusted and most accurate news agencies in the country. Despite being the media Industry for so long she has not been seen outside giving interviews as she is a very private person. NDTV has been the reason for creating a lot of notable personalities like Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar etc. And it has added to the popularity of the news channel as well as the people who have been working for them.
NDTV is an English news channel that reports the Indian and International news for 24 hours straight all through the years. It has all news from Business to politics to sports and knowledge.
There have been a lot of controversies surrounding the media giant but Radhika Roy has been strongly dodging all the hurdles that are coming her way and pushing herself as well as the company forward.

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