Namratha Singh founder of Dark Horse Media

Digital media is taking over the world over in Seconds and anyone who does not intend does not intend to keep up with the times is mostly going to get lost in all the clutter and chaos of the social media. According to the research done by Inventiva done social media presence is the most Important thing for a company branding. The absence of social media presence can completely distort the sales of the company. You can take your own example as soon as you wasn’t  to find anything the first thing is to go online and the first thing that pops is what you click immediately. And the name of that company or product that you are looking at sticks with.That is how media companies and ads work.
According to Inventiva’s research, this is called repetitive marketing where the appearance of the ad on a repitative basis actually nudges you to remember the product and the branding is done and it stays with you. This is an important method to keep the image of the brand coming up. There is so much Information out there in this area that the Information the information, branding and video making is the most important thing for any company to stay in the digital media space.
So to help you with the clutter and take care of all your Branding and social media needs we have DARK HORSE MEDIA. This was the Brain child of Namrata Singh who initially has actually done her education in Law and then has a specialization in Human resource. But although her education has been in a safe career path for her she had this immense love for business analytics, media, advertising and content she took the Plunge to have a startup of her own. Before which she quit her job to join a startup in Mumbai in 2005. She did work in varios startups that has helped her understand the media Industry better and has her experience leveraged in the same.
She says that the marketing industry is one such Industry that there is entry for anyone and anyone who has the calling and the knowledge about. With this confidence and her love for the subject she started the company of Dark Horse Media. Where she has helped herself learn everything through Experimentation and Experience. Therefore she started the company with that intention in the year 2009.
She feels that the secret recipe to the success of the company is that they work with ground realities and she has her target clients are the people who are capable of understanding the right audience and the right customers instead of just aiming at the big numbers behind the screen. The media companies these days are focused at targeting large audience without any specific outreach to the targeted customers. But Dark House media reaches out to a not the large number of crowd but the right group of audience at the right platform. She runs her company not with bare analytics but also with the perfect combination of sheer passion, emotion and also the right intelligence which is making her company successful.

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