How Digital Marketing is Affecting Traditional Marketing

In the contemporary business environment, entrepreneurs must implement simple and effortless marketing strategies.But, the ultimate question that hovers around their minds is:
Which marketing strategy should be adopted to drive business growth. You may be well accustomed with the traditional methods of marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing is making a real buzz in the contemporary market.
What is traditional marketing?
Traditional marketing is the conventional modes of marketing that have been used since the beginning of marketing and advertisements. This includes:
Flyers and billboards by the roads and highways.
Ads in related weekly magazines.
What is digital marketing?
Digital or online marketing is the marketing mode of the global village. It is only obvious that the era of the internet will have its influence in every realm of life.
Digital marketing includes platforms like:
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Business networking sites like LinkedIn.
Promotional ads via emails.
Paid pop ups.
Click bait links for viral content.
Online marketing is more versatile than traditional marketing, though all the types look similar. Now that we know what traditional and online marketing is,let us find out the winner of the traditional vs. digital marketing contest. Which is better?
Digital Marketing can take over the traditional marketing as the digital marketing increasing tremendously nowadays and also the growth rate of e-marketing are increasing now so it may possible that very soon digital marketing can over take the traditional marketing.
As in today’s generation everyone is becoming online even a small business also becoming online also the internet users are increasing rapidly and that’s why every business trying to be online so that they can promote themselves in search engine and also people dont want to go to market to buy anything as everyone has a busy schedule in their life so they find online shopping more convenient rather than go for a physical store.
Online marketing also save your time and money also it is more cheaper than the tradition marketing so this is also one of reasons why digital marketing is becoming more popular nowadays.
Article By Tushar Garg
Tushar Garg is the founder of Reverse Thought
Reverse Thought is creative agency passionate about combining strategy with art to offer creative solutions to business challenges.
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