Donald Trump is at the risk of losing the November Elections!

Far from a strongman who won the earlier U.S. Presidential Elections- Donald Trump, has become a heckler in his own government due to the recent medical conspiracy theories viral on social media. He does not have any constructive methods to deal with the management of coronavirus as the cases in the U.S. continue to rise. As well as no proper negotiation on economic rescue plan in congress and ongoing complaints about the unfairness of all of it. Along with that, Donald Trump suggests postponing Election Day (November 3), this has been the nightmare of his opposition for a long time when Trump will be facing a prospect of defeat in Election he will take such steps. Never mind this is not going to happen! No president has such power that they can delay the elections.

The federal government elections had been fixed since the 19th century and the constitution sets an immovable expiration date on the president’s terms. Never in history, whether the country is dealing with wars, depressions, or civil war. Federal schedule Elections on time. Looks like Trump has limited days in his office!

But he actually did that on Thursday, when he suggests for the first time publicly that the elections could be delayed. His actual actions were similar to what was predicted as a result of his defeat in elections. The reason he gave for this suggestion is to avoid voting by mail as mail-in-voting would lead to fraud. During the global health crisis, trump’s political prospect started to fade and the U.S. economy has been contracted in the past few months at its fastest pace in the recorded history. Such data shows the vulnerabilities as he is moving towards his second elections. Thus, Trump’s shortcomings make weak opponent like Joe Biden looks stronger.

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Trump tweets about the elections, “it will be the great embarrassment for the USA, delay the elections till the people can properly, securely, or safely vote.” However, such tweets do not matter. Federal will still find a way to do the elections this November 3. 

Giving a response to his tweet, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – the most powerful Democrat in the government, simply posting the tweet, saying “according to the constitution, the congress set the date of the national elections, not the president.”

Adding to his recklessness, Trump has been found missing this week from economic relief talks, even when the discussion was about the crucial unemployment and federal reserve chair, Jerome Powell, warned publicly that the country’s recovery is lagging. On the other hand, the presidents of other countries are delivering clear-cut messages about public safety and social distancing to prevent the viral outbreak. Trump continues to promote a drug known as hydroxychloroquine, which has no proven evidence that it works against the coronavirus. Even, tweeting that it is a potential miracle cure, therefore, demand that businesses and schools reopen. 

Such an imbalance in making the decision is showing the signs that mind is facing a great deal of difficulty in accepting the reality. While the country is suffering from economic difficulties during this health crisis – what he was able to decide? Delay in the elections? Rather than focusing on what actions should be taken in order to restore the economy!

Earlier in 2016, Trump had already attacked once the legitimacy of the U.S. elections, even after winning the electoral elections, he doubted the voting system. This is the reason why the opposition was scared that he will try to postpone current year elections. These actions show that Trump is panicked and unmoored, and it is another symptom of his inability to master the coronavirus and he would likely lose the elections. However, the power to shift the date is not in his hands, but it is obvious that he will be using his appointees in Washington and allies in other states to put pressure on the federal government at large-scale.

While the Trump campaign is trying to cover up the statement and declined to turn his tweet into a rallying cry. A spokesperson in the campaign, Hogan Gidley, tried to rephrase the President’s tweet, “just raising a question about the chaos democrats have created with their insistence on all mail-in-voting” and claiming that it was just a policy prescription.

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The timing of Trump’s tweet is obviously bad! 

When he was supposed to be taking steps very carefully due to the upcoming elections, these tweets highlight that he has become a loudmouth and less in-action. It has become more evident on Thursday than any other day when he was posting the combination of tweets, while his three predecessors- Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, was in Atlanta attending the funeral of John Lewis – a civil right hero and congressmen. 

Meanwhile, there are various other tweets from the congress and election commissions saying that there will be no shift of the election day. Some are:

Rep. Kevin McGathy, the house minority leader and one of the Trump’s staunchest allies in Congress, saying “We should go forward.”

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, tweets “Make no mistake, the election will happen in New Hampshire on November 3. End of the story.”

Sen. Marco Rubia of Florida, “Since 1845, we had had an election on the first Tuesday after November 1. And, we are going to do the same this year.”

As it is obvious that the elections are going to happen in any way. If President Trump does not come up with something soon he will be at a very high risk of losing the elections, even from a weak opponent like Joe Biden! 

However, based on the recent actions of President Trump, it will be good if a new face and opinion will support the U.S. economy.

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