Monday, May 20, 2024


Social media platforms can be utilized for constructive community building and a source of income depending on how you make use of your online presence. The challenge with people today is they are okay spending time on social activities without any purpose instead of undertaking opportunities in a cordial way by socializing in a similar set up however with the well-defined benefits and value for your time.
It is a waste of time to log into social media sites if they are not your top interest. And the next thing that happens with the young generation unintentionally is that they can’t tell when they become addicts to social media networking. Very profound habit includes checking phone zillion times not to miss any single notification. Do we really have the urgency or we are just getting distracted losing the main intent of the innovation? This is just one example I shared and rest you need to identify yourself.
There is always two ways to approach a situation. The challenge with the current generation is that they only view social media platforms as a place for having fun. One thing you need to realize is that you can get lot of benefits both personal and for the community by using social media as a learning tool. After all weall need to accept this as collective responsibility to give it back to the society in whatever way possible.
The internet usage is trending high every second all across the globe and we are at around 26% internet users versus 74.55% in US as per some of the latest surveys. And this makes us to be at the perfect digital evolution era where we need to invest our efforts in the right direction and capitalize the power of internet constructively.
In our efforts to tackle this we have introduced PAPSWAP, which is the social platform providing membersreason to stay curious and learn outside the boundaries of orthodox ways. It re- introduces the lost culture of exchanging talent for a better community by enhancing and adding value to each other’s life.
We want to enrich the experience of each member and support him/her in the journey of life bringing harmony, integrity, value addition, happiness and satisfaction. Learning is a continuous process and we all have to keep upgrading our skills and talent to stay competitive and adopt to the dynamics of this new digital era.
Rajat Shukla (Co-founder PAPSWAP) said:Today’s middle class families mostly end up with zero savings as they are always struggling to match their expenses with the household income. People are always falling short with their purchasing power finding it difficult to provide decent lifestyle for their families.
Aren’t we all look for sources to get some extra cash? What if you can get this in a meaningful and fun way through PAPSWAP.



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