Ex-Cardekho VP Founded AI Startup Makerobos Launches Customer Engagement Platform ‘Frontman’

ex cardekho vp founded ai startup makerobos launches customer engagement platform frontman

Jaipur-based tech startup Makerobos Innovation Labs that provides customer engagement solutions, has today announced its release of chatbot building platform, Frontman. Crafted to make massive shift in customer service industry Frontman acts as an intelligent conversational medium between customer and businesses.
Founded in 2018 by Robinder Gauba, who is a former CarDekho Vice President, help brands engage their customers, automate customer service, promote new products and simplify lead generation. The company aims at offering engagement centric products enabling marketers, product owners & customer success managers to create a conversational engagement strategy that outperforms any conventional method so that businesses can reap the benefits of fully engaged, loyal customers.
Customer service has become more important than ever before. It has the potential to delight and disappoint; make or break a business. Today, companies are struggling to turn the customer service into a competitive advantage. They are unable to keep up with the demand for instant support, anytime. And in the digital age where more than 80 percent people use messaging apps as their primary source of communication, it is imperative for businesses to take advantage of the cutting edge communication medium to not only onboard customers, but also retain them to boost trust and scale productivity.
“Current market solutions leave a lot to be desired. From our research and analysis and deep enterprise experience, we can say there is truly a need for self serving conversational platform facilitating businesses to built chat interfaces that can harness the micro-decisions consumers experience on a daily basis and see them as an opportunity to help. Whether it’s qualifying a prospect, improving site navigation, updating the shipping info for an order, or giving medical advice, our platform provides a solution when consumer need it most” said Robinder Gauba, CEO and Founder of Makerobos Innovation Labs and former Vice President, CarDekho. “We are using Frontman in two ways, for our own clients so we can respond to them more efficiently and secondly, extending the product portfolio to our clients so that they can offer dynamic conversational interface to their own customers. Our objective has always been to provide self serving end-to-end platform and Frontman with its immense capabilities has been built on the same objective, empowering the enterprises to leave a long lasting impression in the niche market.”
“Moreover, almost everything today has become mobile centric, so deploying a conversational chatbot on a website can be a real game changer. People are already acquainted with mobile interface and businesses just need to take this a step further. The Frontman provides mobile optimized experience and app like look and feel which makes easy for companies to interact with customers anywhere”, he added.
Frontman is simplifying real-time communications by automating tasks, recording events with the help of in-built Business Intelligence and smartly interacting with the customers through a captivating user interface that leave them delighted. From automotive to travel and healthcare, the versatile chatbot making platform can be the perfect way to boost online presence in this challenging climate.

  • Backed by AI, Frontman helps the companies reach wider segment of users who still find uncomfortable navigating to their desired product and information on apps and websites. Take an example of customer support industry where every day millions of inquiries are bombarded wanting instant answer to their queries. As a result, customers commonly have to hold and wait for longer periods of time, and most often are rerouted to various departments before their queries are resolved.
  • With Frontman on websites, customers don’t have to wait for their turn but instead can type their query, and get instant support anytime and anywhere. The Frontman can give direct replies to customers through conversational interface, offer them support options right there or direct them to the exact support page. This process is done quickly and efficiently just like people chat in their smartphones. In cases of ecommerce and automobiles where people are searching the right product, Frontman can be used as a lead generation tool to drive the user through the sales funnel and increase conversion.
  • A text based conversation can be made interactive and engaging through gifs, emoticons and witty jokes to enhance user experience. With inbuilt Business Intelligence, website owners can track their customer journey, know their demographic data, location and devices and tailor their strategies accordingly. Frontman has been built with total user focus in mind, so that businesses can make changes in the chatbot anytime, ensuring customer needs are met.

Today’s empowered and tech savvy consumers expect companies to meet them right where they are. Enterprises must recognize this need of the hour and integrate technology that is capable of having instant, data-driven conversation with the customers. And Frontman is making this possible. It is a sheer example on how software and data can be combined together to boost business outcomes.
Source: IndianWeb2

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