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3 examples of wall stickers to transform your room

Wall stickers are fast becoming recognised as the best way to transform your home or a room in your house.

They’re such an effective way to decorate your home on a budget; people love them! You can also personalise wall stickers to add that special touch and make them unique to you.

Another reason for wall graphics to explode in their popularity is the rise in families renting. Because you can remove wall art, it’s possible to decorate a rented house such as never before.

Even better is that wall graphics are printed on a thick fabric like vinyl, making them simple to apply and remove without damaging your walls. You don’t need any experience to stick these beautifully.

So we’re all agreed that wall stickers are amazing!

So let’s dive in and show you 3 beautiful examples that will get your creative juices flowing.

Express yourself through wall stickers

Why not put your passion on your walls. If you love animals or nature, this Elephant is a beauty. You can be sure that you won’t walk into another home with this on.

You could even go a step further and customise it, editing colours to suit your taste.



Personalise your nursery 

Adding your child’s name to personalise their nursery is a lovely touch and a great way to welcome your new tiny human into the world.

Unicorn’s are exploding in popularity, and a custom sticker makes this design stand out from the rest. Precisely what your baby deserves!

wall stickers

Celebrate Diwali 

Celebrating Diwali is a big deal. You can take it one step further by adding to the decorations that are undoubtedly all over your home already.

We love this wall art and feel that it fits really nicely with the festival of lights.

Whether you call them wall art, wall graphics, wall tattoos, wall stickers, or simply stickers, it doesn’t matter.

We hope these three ideas have demonstrated how versatile wall stickers are and how you can brighten your house.

If you’re planning to stick your first wall sticker or have spotted amazing designs you’d like to share with us, please comment below.



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