Few Lessons Our Indian Government Should Learn From Corona Epidemic

Governments in any country or democracy is an important aspect of nations growth, government acts as guardians & savior of the citizens of their country, Citizens of the country give votes and their hard-earned money as taxes to government and government save their rights, provide them with education, healthcare, safety, basic amenities of life, jobs etc.

In India government means something very different, they take votes and taxes but reduce education budget, healthcare budget, defense budget, cut jobs and instead focus on religion, communal disharmony, religious fights.

This coronavirus epidemic sure has come as an eye-opener and a reality check for our governments and to remind them about their priorities and focus. Coronavirus is just a small warning to our government to make them understand that, if they still do not prepare themself, something worse can happen.

Today we are compiling a list of lessons that our government should learn from this small trailer.

1. The economy is driven by strong business plans and not by temples and mosque, please start working hard so that Indian economy do not sink after corona epidemic, we are already in deep shit before corona, after corona, things have worsened and would worse after this gets over.

2. Countries are considered developed only by their growth in terms of GDP, Education, healthcare & Infra and not by hindu-muslim speeches.

3. Epidemics like corona, ebola, sars, bird flu, swine flu are treated by high-end hospitals & well-educated doctors and not by statues & mandirs. Instead of investing in buying expensive and illiterate MLA, please invest in hiring well-educated doctors.

4. Public Health care is maintained by cheaper medicines, better doctors and not by drinking gomutra and eating gobar. Please focus on humans who are citizens of your country and not on cows.

5. The Prime Minister of the country is supposed to talk on education, healthcare, economy, defense, technology, harmony, peace, unity and not on how to eat mangoes and where to keep wallets.

6. Public hard earned Tax Money should be invested in public health care, public hospitals, medicines, clean drinking water, sanitation, education and not on building statues & mandirs and buying the MLAs.

7. Professionals and Humans around the world work for money, mere clapping, ringing bells and utensils won’t feed their stomach and will not help to fight with their liabilities and will not compensate their efforts and risks. If the government is really happy with the working of doctors around the country, they should be given some extra bonus, perks and remuneration, rather than just clapping.

8. Start supporting manufacturers in our country and offering them non-taxable raw material, machinery so that our dependency on china becomes less, increase import taxes and decrease export taxes, try to support small scale and medium scale manufacturers by giving them loans, grants and invest on their welfare schemes.

9. Stop spending money lavishly on events like howdy modi, namaste trump, at the time of need, only you can support yourself, no other country ministers or MLA will come to rescue you, look at the history, how many times, other foreign ministers have come to help you? You import heavy taxes on your countrymen, but invest in pleasing other country ministers and diplomats, they will never be able to help you as much as your own countrymen will help you. Indian citizens have given vote to you, Indians pay their taxes to you, so invest in Indians and not on foreigners.

Save the money for difficult time and preparation and keep yourself ready and up to date, emergencies don’t come after informing you.

10. Support small scale startups, sme, msme, your big time – big budget friends will not be able to help run the economy and country alone. The country is driven by crores of small scale business people like traders, manufacturers, service providers and not few crorepatis.

11. Use your cabinet and its ministers to help people and educate them in tough time rather asking them to incite public by raising useless slogans.

12. Please take an aptitude test, IQ test and education test of ministers before giving them tickets.

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