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Five Best Linen Clothing Brands

With fashion evolving every day, so do textile materials that we prefer to wear. And no matter what, the best way that people across the globe beat the heat is by using linen clothing. Linen clothes are hypoallergenic, wherein the fabric quickly absorbs and removes moisture. Linen is also said to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties – what better than a medically-effective piece of fabric to cover the entire body?

While linen is better than most other textile materials, some linen is better than others – and this article is all about the best of the best. Here are the top five linen clothing brands in India:

  • BharatSthali – With durable and comfortable linen picks, it is no wonder that BharatSthali ranks at the top of this list. This piece of fabric, albeit four millennia old, are very much in vogue, thanks to sites with quality selections like these. With flexible pricing and a wide range of sarees, everybody has a linen saree to pick from when they visit this site. Various filters are included within the site, including plain and zari borders, printed sarees, and art that is block-printed onto them. Frequent sales with high discounts are one of the reasons why even those looking to save huge on such quality fabric clothing are recommended to visit this site and shop through their huge collection of linen sarees. If not for their quality fabric, you can shop assured that their products are sustainable and eco-friendly, given how their raw materials are 100% organic and natural. You can visit them here: https://www.bharatsthali.com

  • Privee Paris – If you require comfort and aesthetic in every single piece of clothing you wear, then Privee is the best place to go. It is a one stop shop for “superior, classy shirts”, and is a premium luxury shirt brand for men. Privee Paris not only offers you premium shirts, but also premium service. With collections that include a shirt for every celebratory day, or even every day, Privee Paris has a designer shirt collection to boast about, and ensure that their customers wear something that they are proud of.
  • Talash – the largest collection of organic linen sarees can be witnessed on Talash, an online clothing site for sarees of various fabrics. With top quality production and low maintenance required for their linen sarees, the only factor keeping them behind BharatSthali is their moderately expensive pricing, and their infrequent discount sales.
  • Linen Club – At Linen Club, it is all about linen. Since 1949, the manufacturer has produced clothing of top-quality, with 100% pure linen. Handpicked fibers from all over Europe are sourced to this producer, which are then spun, woven, and dyed passionately with the best European technology available.
  • Kottex- Premium linen demands premium supply and manufacturing, and no other linen clothing brand is better at this than Kottex. Branding their clothing line to be “the ultimate natural comfort”. While other manufacturers are all about linen clothing, Kottex has diversified their linen production into other lines, including suiting, upholstery, and home furnishing. While this list may make them look like a jack of all trades, Kottex’s premium linen brand is no joke, which is why you should shop from them.


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