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Former Meta Employee aged 36 alleges Racial Bias: Files Complaint Against the Company, Highlighting an Unsettling Experience

Former Meta Employee aged 36 alleges Racial Bias: Files Complaint Against the Company, Highlighting an Unsettling Experience

A Singaporean techie named Vaishnavi Jayakumar, aged 36, has taken legal action against Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, alleging racial discrimination against Asians. Jayakumar has filed a complaint with California’s Civil Rights Department, claiming that she faced racial bias at Meta, which resulted in missed opportunities for promotions and hindered her professional growth.

Having previously worked at prominent companies like Disney, Google, and Twitter, Jayakumar joined Meta in January 2020, assuming the role of Instagram’s head of safety and well-being policy.

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During her tenure at Meta, Jayakumar’s responsibilities primarily revolved around safeguarding children and teenagers from various forms of abuse, including bullying and harassment. She served on the youth policy team, aiming to create a safe and secure online environment for young users. However, according to her complaint, she encountered racial discrimination that impeded her career advancement within the company.

Jayakumar’s legal action highlights the ongoing challenge of racial bias and discrimination in the workplace, particularly within the technology industry. The outcome of this lawsuit will shed light on the allegations made against Meta and could potentially have implications for the broader discussion on diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities in the tech sector.

In an interview with USA Today, Vaishnavi Jayakumar, the Singaporean techie who filed the complaint against Meta Platforms, shared her experiences of alleged mistreatment at the company. According to Jayakumar, her supervisor at Meta consistently failed to provide her with the opportunities and projects that fell within her job responsibilities. She further accused him of intentionally assigning her tasks beneath her level of expertise and experience by “layering” her under less experienced employees.

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Jayakumar’s complaint also highlighted the repeated denial of promotions, despite her extensive years of experience and positive feedback from colleagues and superiors.

These alleged discriminatory practices, as outlined in the complaint, not only hindered her career growth but also undermined her contributions to the company’s youth policy team, where she worked to protect young users from various forms of online abuse.

The legal proceedings surrounding the case will seek to investigate and determine the validity of Jayakumar’s claims, shedding light on the issue of racial discrimination in the workplace and potentially prompting discussions about the importance of equal opportunities and fair treatment for employees of all backgrounds.

According to the details provided in Jayakumar’s complaint, she was allegedly informed by her superiors at Meta that she lacked the necessary seniority and collaborative skills to be promoted within the company. She also stated that despite her growing workload over time, her performance ratings consistently declined. These circumstances, as outlined in her complaint, left her feeling marginalized and unable to progress professionally.


In an interview with USA Today, Jayakumar expressed her deep sense of disillusionment, highlighting the impact of the alleged racial discrimination she experienced. She shared her perception that, as an Asian woman, she faced systemic barriers that limited her chances of assuming leadership roles, creating a profound sense of frustration and hopelessness.

These statements reflect the emotional toll that workplace discrimination can have on individuals, highlighting the need for fair and inclusive environments where all employees have equal opportunities for growth and advancement, regardless of their background. The outcome of the legal proceedings will shed further light on the allegations and may potentially contribute to discussions surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate world.

As part of her complaint, Jayakumar has put forward recommendations aimed at addressing and mitigating racial bias within the company. One of her proposals involves tracking the rates of promotions for Asian Americans to ensure equal opportunities for advancement. She also suggested implementing training programs to enhance managers’ awareness of stereotypes and biases that may affect their decision-making processes.

It is worth noting that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has undergone organizational changes and restructuring in recent years, including rounds of layoffs. In November of the previous year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the first round of layoffs, affecting approximately 13% of the company’s workforce. Subsequently, in March, Zuckerberg made a similar announcement regarding the next round of layoffs, which were expected to impact around 10,000 employees globally.

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These restructuring efforts reflect the evolving nature of the company and its efforts to adapt to changing market dynamics. The legal complaint filed by Jayakumar adds another layer of complexity to the company’s ongoing challenges, specifically regarding allegations of racial discrimination and the need for a fair and inclusive work environment. The outcome of the legal proceedings and any subsequent actions taken by the company will be important in shaping its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion moving forward.



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