Future changes of the Indian e-gaming market caused by the pandemic

Future changes of the Indian e-gaming market caused by the pandemic

The video games industry has been experiencing a steady increase across the world. The industry has been forecast to hit 159 billion dollars worth in 2020.As of 2019, the Indian video games market was worth an estimate of 91 million dollars and is expected to increase at an annual growth rate of 43% this year.

The spending on video games in 2020 has already risen by 17%. The market in India increased at a rate of 21% during the coronavirus lockdown.

Future changes of the Indian e-gaming market caused by the pandemic

The number of people playing games and purchasing gaming products also grew steadily and crossed over 300 million. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the acceptance of e-gaming.

A top Indian gaming firm, for example, experienced an increase of 200% in the number of users while the nation was on lockdown. The gaming platform reported that about 100,000 people registered on the site each day.

This increase caused by coronavirus lockdown comes as no surprise. The gaming industry was already making steady progress in India before the lockdown.

The increase in the availability and affordability of mobile devices has enabled many more to gain access to online games. Over 85% of gamers in India make use of their mobile devices to play these games. And since many more people had the time to use their mobile devices during the lockdown, it also led to increased gaming.
Different types of video games are available on mobile devices these days.

Whether you love ordinary video games or real money casino games, there are many platforms to play them online using mobile devices.

Indians can play games like PUBG, CS: GO, Rummy and Teen Patti using their smartphones.

The most popular of all these games have been Teen Patti. However, when it comes to the game, most people usually get concerned about legality. But according to, online Teen Patti is completely legal in India.

Indian gaming market poised to reach $3.9 billion by 2025: Report | Business Standard News

The website argues that since online Teen Patti games are being hosted from outside the country, playing them does not mean going against the law.

And so is it for other real money games, these games are completely legal when hosted in other countries.

Both the real money and non-gambling games markets continue to witness a surge in foreign and domestic direct investments in India.

The overall industry has attracted over 450 million dollars between 2014 to 2020 with more than 400 start-ups across the nation. The demand for these games is increasing throughout the nation, in urban cities, small towns, and rural communities.

With the rate of growth and acceptance, the e-gaming industry in India possesses the potential to become a global gaming power.

The country’s government has also recognized the importance of the industry. The Indian prime minister has encouraged the development of video games inspired by the country’s culture. Also, the Union Ministry of Education is creating new job opportunities in the digital gaming market.

Indian Gaming: 10 Trends That Show Online Gaming Is Booming In India

It is unlikely that there would ever be a decrease in the rapid growth of the industry, even after the lockdown ends. Many people are already in love with e-gaming. However, one can never be so sure.

We have to be patient to see if the demand for e-gaming will remain the same after the pandemic.

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