Hindenburg Group’s research causes the Adani Group’s stock to plummet by 20 percent; LIC comes out as a major anchor investor

Hindenburg was named a man-made disaster. In 1937, a hydrogen-powered German airship that was flying through New Zealand caught fire and crashed. The accident led to the death of thirty-five passengers on the flight. It was considered man-made as 100 people were present in a vehicle that was loaded with a balloon containing the most flammable gas.

The airship came to be known as Hindenburg. In 2017, eight decades following the incident, a financial research firm emerged 2017. It was formed by a graduate of international business management from Connecticut University and specializes in identifying wrongdoings and frauds. The association is responsible for identifying man-made disasters around the globe and create market bets against them. Thus, the firm was named Hindenburg research by the founder Nathan Anderson.

Adani Group is a man-made disaster in the corporate industry: Hindenburg Research.

A report from Hindenburg Research has shown that the Indian business conglomerate Gautam Adani has initiated a 51 billion USD sell-off of his company shares, placing him four positions below in the Billionaire Index.
The report has declared that the Adani group was engaged in strict stock manipulation and accounting fraud schemes over the past few years. The news has come before Adani group’s Rs 20,000 crore offers of shares to various investors.

Adani Group has commented on the matter and stated that the report is a malicious combination of selective wrong information and a baseless and discredited accusation. But, the news has not impacted the investors from the sell-off of the stakes.

On Friday, the shares of the Adani Group continued to decline in valuation for the second day in a row bringing it to 18.5 percent, and Adani Ports and SEZ valuation has plummeted 874.16 points or 1.45 percent.
The Hindenburg looks for man-made disasters such as irregularities in accounting, mismanagement of funding, and unrevealed related-party transactions.

Gautam adani

The company’s website states that they utilize fundamental analysis to help the investment in decision-making, and they believe that the most impactful research is caused by deciphering difficult information from different sources.

Hindenburg has previously targeted Nikola Motor Company in the U.S., Tecnoglass in Columbia, and other companies.

The company has brought in the account of insider trading, and short sellers are not appreciated the most in the stock markets. Supporters have further added that the research helps to uncover frauds and do good to investors.

Short selling has been interrogated in the markets. Based on it, the investors’ have borrowed stocks to buy them back at a lower cost. It will be beneficial if the prices fall rapidly, but if they rise by any chance, the investors must purchase stocks to cover what they borrowed.

The accusations by the Hindenburg corporation have decreased the valuation of Adani’s stock to more than 50 billion USD. However, India’s largest life insurer is investing more money in Gautam Adani’s flagship unit. LIC is spending 3 billion USD as an anchor investor in shares of Adani Enterprises.

The investments would account for 4.2 percent of the company’s present holding.
LIC’s huge investment indicated the major trust in Asia’s richest man and his group in January. Adani Group is facing a difficult situation because of the accusations by the Hindenburg group. The reports have openly criticized Adani’s rapid rise as the biggest con in corporate history.

LIC share fall
FILE PHOTO: LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) logo is seen displayed in this illustration taken, February 15, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Lic is one of the largest investors of the Adani Group, along with 33 other investors.
Despite LIC investing a part of its funding and having a valuation of 33 trillion INR under the management of the LIC, it is still in a better position than other domestic institutions, and the stocks have increased in value the most in more than a month.

LIC is an investor in five Adani companies, and the stake ranges from 1 to 9 percent. No other insurance company has any holdings in the Adani group.

The selloff by the Hindenburg group deepened severely on Thursday, showing the fall in the stocks of Adani Green Energy Ltd. and Adani total gas Ltd. by 20 percent. Furthermore, the valuation of the Adani enterprises declined by 19 percent.

The incident has resulted in Gautam Adani dropping to the 7th position of the world’s richest person.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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