How has online fitness business suddenly increased?

The lockdown has been done till 14 April in India to prevent the threat of coronavirus. Although people are facing many problems due to this lockdown, there is no better solution than this to protect against this dangerous virus. The 21-day lockdown is making it difficult for people to pass their time. In such a situation, many people are spending all the time in mobile or TV.

But apart from mobile and TV, there are other things due to which people do not feel boredom during lockdown. People are taking care of their health at home through YouTube or some other way. Eating nutritious food at home. Due to all this, online fitness business has increased in the country. According to the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association, the fitness industry, which was worth $ 95 billion in 2018, has grown significantly.

People taking online classes
The routine of people has changed completely due to living in homes. Previously, where people used to go to gym in the morning or evening, now they are getting up at home every morning and doing exercises or yoga. For this, they are also taking online classes. Gym trainers and yoga experts are getting people to exercise online. Also, people are working out on their health by watching exercise videos on YouTube.

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Not only yoga and exercise, people are also trying to stay healthy by mediation. For this too, they have kept trainers. For past some time, people were doing more exercise, yoga and meditation to stay fit. That is, the fitness business was growing. Now, when people are unable to go to the gym due to the lockdown, the online fitness business has grown considerably.

In addition to exercise, people have started eating more nutritious food than before in lockdown. Earlier people used to go out of the house every day for work, then they would eat something from outside. But now that all the shops are closed, people are making nutritious food at home. Their health is getting better. People are searching for the method online to make food with less oil and full of nutrition. They are Also taking advice from dietician.

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