Warning For Married Couples in India: Divorce Cases In China Increase to 25% Due To Lockdown

While the epidemic of coronavirus has created a fear among the people all over the world, on the other hand, it has also shaken the markets around the world. Coronavirus has affected our economical, social, personal life. Not only this but because of Coronavirus, divorce cases have also increased among the people of China. 30-year-old housewife Mrs. Wu, from China’s southern Guangdong province, says she spent the last two months with her husband during isolation. During these two months, their relationship has reached to divorce.

Wu says that during these two months they both kept fighting. Her husband gets less salary, and the office work is too much. They also do not spend equal time to take care of children. Earlier in the evening, They used to play with children, but now they just go to bed for rest. They are disturbed at home. Mrs. Wu said- I don’t want to suffer anymore. We both have agreed to take a divorce. Now all I need is a lawyer.

Domestic violence has Increase During lockdown by living together:

China has the highest number of divorce cases every year as compared to other countries. In a state of lockdown, in order to protect from coronavirus, the husband and wife have to live together for several weeks. In such a situation the various incidence of domestic violence has increased. These can be a dangerous warning for married couples in the United States and other countries, who are living in isolation at home in the early stages of a lockdown.

At the beginning of March, cases of filing divorce have increased numerously in Xian city in central China and Dongguan in Shenzhen province. In Miluo, Wuhan Province, government employees do not even have time to drink water due to excessive divorce case filling. In fact, according to the government website, by mid-March, many married couples in the city have filed for divorce. Yi Xiaoyang, director of the city’s registration center, said that due to some reasons there has been a struggle in the life of the married couple and due to poor communication, there is a disappointment in the married life, because of which people are deciding to take a divorce.

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Let us tell you that in just one month more than 300 couples have filed for divorce in China’s Sichuan province. The reason for this is that the husband and wife are spending more time with each other at home. This has led to increasing disputes between them. The Marriage Registry Office of the Dahou region of China has clarified that the number of applications has increased since the outbreak of the virus.

Divorce cases increased by 25% after lockdown:

Divorce case lawyer in Shanghai, Steve Lee, says that the divorce-related cases have increased by 25% since the lockdown in mid-March. Most of the cases are related to infidelity. Lee said the new cases are coming because, “The more time couples spend together, the more they hate each other.” In China, divorce rates have been steadily increasing since the 2003 amendment to the divorce law. It is said that when people are not at home, they have time for a love affair. So when the coronavirus started in late January, people had to stay at home. It became difficult, for them to spend so much time at home. The more time couple spent, the more they hate each other. This applies to all married couples.

Law has been made liberal in China, divorce cases have been increasing since then. In 2003, around 1.3 million couples divorced. At the same time, in 15 years the numbers increased significantly. The number of couples who divorced in 2018 reached 4.5 million. Last year, 4.15 million couples have been married in China.

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Government policy also failed:

China introduced the ‘One-Child Policy’ in 1979 to curb the population. But after the abolition of this policy, more than 1.84 crore children were born in 2016. Their numbers were 11 percent higher than in 2015. Most of these children were the second child of their parents. This decision was taken by the government to increase the country’s population and strengthen the husband-wife relationship. Meanwhile, China’s Shanghai-based online publication Sixth Tone reported in its report that there were 162 cases of domestic violence in February after the epidemic of coronavirus that started in Wuhan’s central Hubei province. Which is more than three times of 47 during the same month last year.

Life will not be normal soon.

When this epidemic ends, people’s lives will become normal again. However, psychologically and financially, people will have to live under stress for a few months. According to a study conducted on some people in Hong Kong, people suffering from 2002-03 SARS remained under stress for one year. The number of couples getting divorced in Hong Kong was 21% higher in 2004 than in 2002. This time there are 1800 people infected in Hong Kong, while 299 have died. At the same time, more than 80,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in China, in which 3300 have died.

More cases of divorce among youth.

Shanghai’s divorce case lawyer, Steve Lee, says the younger generation tends to divorce more than their parents. the actual problem is the lack of understanding and coordination between the couples, They fight one fine day and the very next day they file for the divorce. At the same time, Yang Shenli, a lawyer at Shanghai’s Dingda Law Firm, says he has four divorce cases due to lockdown, most of the couples are those who have born in 1985. At the same time, there are two cases in which the decision to take a divorce was taken due to the fight caused by quarantine.

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On the other hand, Rachel Smith, a Canadian artist from Hong Kong, says that due to the quarantine at the house and social distancing, love has increased again in their married life. She met her husband 21 years ago during a backpacking trip. Over time, her husband became busy with his career, after which both of them had less time for each other.

Now India is also locked down for 21 days, lets hope for the best, only after the lockdown we will come to know if Indians are going to file for the divorce or our population is going to increase in the coming days.

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