India’s Defense Strategy Sought from China “A Complete Failure”: Life In India Turned Disastrous That People Prefer Death Than Living In Lockdown!

2020 has brought many difficulties to us. But little did we know that it was just the tip of the iceberg hiding the real cause of threat to us. As of today, Equity market overnights in China were up more than 4%, with the biggest one day move High in Chinese equity in a year. How does China managing to increase its stocks while the rest of the world is still sinking in chaos? Is it not the host country that caused the outbreak of coronavirus and was managing to control through the lockdown system? How did China rise from a country struggling from the novel virus to becoming the only country to have attained complete control and has seen a rise in its economy? Is it a miracle bestowed upon them? No. It’s was a complete masterplan.

Let’s take a look systematically how China devised its evil plan as the world fell prey to it,

1. The first case of COVID-19 reports back to November 2019, but China gave away information about the novel coronavirus only in late December of 2019. China also delayed handing the genome of the virus to the WHO. Due to which, WHOs work had been delayed, and by the time WHO realized this is an alarming situation, it already was too late. The disease has already spread around the world like wildfire by then. China’s action of disclosure of the novel virus shows how well planned and controlled they are. China has controlled where the spread should begin, how it should begin, what areas it should affect, when to inform the world, how to inform the world and what should they show the world that the world shall fall prey to their mastermind.

2. If we observe the entire detailed graphic report of COVID-19 in China. The rise in new cases for 1000+ was found between Jan 21 to Feb 11. Before this date or after this, the cases found were only or reduced under 1000. And on just Feb 27, China witnessed the highest recovery case leading to 3,200. Within these dates, only 2000 death cases were reported, with major being people above 60 already fighting with other illnesses. Can a pandemic be controlled in just 25 days? If so, how? By maintaining all the precautions? Well, the world is doing just that, yet it didn’t work.

3. The late alert of COVID-19, with aggressive fear spreading wildfire resulted in high demand for sanitizers, masks, and ventilators. After causing the fear in the first place, China came forth lending its products to the world. More than half of the masks used around the world are from China.

America demanded a large number of rapid test kits and was ready to play 2-fold. India received 5 lakh rapid test kit from China after they delayed it for so long, even if India was the first to make the request. But India went Through all the patience just to find the products of China to be “faulty”. And when asked, China back-slashed Indian doctors for mishandling them. Handling rapid kit tests is no rocket science to doctors, even if we agree to say one or two doctors have mishandled, why was the fault found in every kit? One statement that China gave was “contact the respective company for better communication”. Why would we contact them when you were the one who gave them permission to sell their products in the first place?

4. America, Europe, Asian countries are massively using its economy to sustain the lives of many for coronavirus aid and lockdown unemployment. But China being both the first to be affected and first to recover in such a short time had invested recovery money on infrastructure and technology rather than actual people. Hence when the global economy drops with the fear it created, China sustains its flow of the economy. There is a rise in china stocks rallying up their economy. As the president of China has assured that there is still hope for attaining “xioakang shenshui”. With pushing India’s economy to crash, china does have gained more power among Asian countries.

5. China created a massive fear spreading it along with its virus. The fear shadowed the world with lockdown causing complete chaos that an entire country (Italy) wept in its state of helplessness. This was the reason how even deaths with no COVID-19 confirmation were counted, raising the high death rate of Italy and succeeded in creating world case panic! 

“Psychology defines fear as an emotional state, urging us to hide, freeze, or fleet from the trauma when encountered with a threatening situation. “

China’s fake rumor created from nothing by their government succeeded in planting fear among people, resulting in all kinds of panic behavior. Just as predicted, global markets such as Dow Jones, NYSE, NASDAQ, and major stock and share markets across the world dropped out of fear. The whole world with major economy went to lockdown out of fear, there is a constant rise in people buying stocks in China market, major revenue-generating sectors are halt with fear of spreading. One credit that China could be applauded for is for applying such a basic human Instinct to crash the global economy while simultaneously subjecting the world to a war it did not even know it was facing. Well done China. It has successfully distracted us with the panic of virus that we were fooled to believe it to be a real threat, but that was merely a plan to hide us from seeing these facts, that all these simple acts were already well planned.

As of today, India recorded 20,000 deaths in 5 months. If we estimated the number of deaths for 5 more months, then that will account for 20,000 more deaths leading to a total of nearly 50,000 from coronavirus this year. As we see here people dying from COVID-19 is actually even less compared to the number of deaths per year by road accidents as it accounts to 1,50,000. COVID-19 is not at all a threat, as much as mass media and pharmaceutical companies have established it to be. Due to this increased panic state people prefer to just die through suicide than spending their fortunes on medical costs.

6. India’s first lockdown began mid-March. Severe measures were taken since the detection of first cases at the end of Jan. Even with this intense lockdown, preventive measures and precautions being maintained, social distancing and quarantine being followed, India is currently in 3rd position for the most number of cases around the world. When this strategy was followed by China during an alarming situation, they came right under control, while India, who has been following this strategy even before the massive hit, only succeeded in showing it’s civilians who are sunken at home due to this lockdown, witnessed the rise of positive cases each day rapidly and Indian economy slowly falling in ditches. Through this lockdown, mental health distress has affected millions of Indians from a small child to an old man than the so-called pandemic has done.

India observed massive destruction in its flow of the economy. Intense lockdown, following up to 4 months now, has caused thousands of Indians forced to unemployment, MNC companies to shut down, production and manufacturing of goods and oil/gas to a full stop and domestic workers who rely on daily wages were left with nothing. India being a collectivistic country, families are forced to live on the streets on account of intense lockdown. India already having millions below its poverty line has successfully now pushed many “on brink of poverty” to Poverty itself. Even with this intense measure of even pushing people to poverty didn’t stop coronavirus from spreading across the country. Then what was the use of lockdown if it was only going to crash the Indian economy more than it already had been and damaging civilian’s mental health. China’s well-planned strategy is the destruction we see in the entire world right now. Trusting their methods, following their words, had only been an acceleration to our own destruction and we also came out being fooled by their goods and products.

Why did China choose such a route of massive destruction?

The only answer we would see is ” the need for world-class domination”. 

Sacrifice few lives of poor and elderly creating aggressive panic, devise a fake method to push the world on brink of its own destruction, use advantages to sell its goods, and when the world is fighting its own battle, attack them all together to gain massive control of the entire situation and then RULE THE WORLD.

This is the master plan! And look how well it had turned out. China does lead the global recovery. It’s the first one to recover in such a short period despite being the host country. The world is drowning in chaos but China gets to sit happily, and who knows, with enough time it might even devise another attack plan. China is still planning on implementing the one country two system rule against Honk Kong amid this chaos. China attacks India at its borders killing its soldiers unannounced. China claims ownership to places from all neighboring countries. Except for the coronavirus outbreak, China is pretty much-claiming ownership of many cities of a total of 29 countries around Asia. China observes a sudden massive rise in the stock market as we can see how even as the world is barely holding its pieces, they are increasing their economy by taking advantage of the situation.

As China has led India to hit a crisis in its economy for following this lousy plan of lockdown, it reigns the Asian economy. It has successfully eliminated its rival with a fatal blow. This no longer remain a mere assumption, its the absolute fact! Even with this much proof laid ahead, if the countries of the world turn blind from the actual threat then China is going to make countries submit on their knees.

Especially with India already drowned in so much chaos and entanglement will face such a blow, that India 2020 dream will become a new year resolution that is never attained and in many case it leaves us more backward in development. Lockdown has killed many families and is in process of killing more, once the unlock is implemented and people started to move only to find it more stressful as they are unemployed, no wages given, as their lives are barely holding in pieces through little money left or for some no money left. Where will they go? What will they do? How will they survive? Does remains a question. But the fact that the lockdown has caused this and not coronavirus is certitude. 

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