What Action Narendra Modi Is Going To Take On Yogi For Violating The Protocols Of Lockdown?

Coronavirus outbreak has brought India at a very crucial stage where Cases of coronavirus in India have reached to 745 cases and 20 deaths. The situation is becoming more intense day by day, on 23rd of march Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of nation about the importance of keeping social distancing, avoiding social gatherings, traveling etc. he also announced a complete national lockdown for 21 days where he joined his hands in front of public and requested all to stay safe and stay at home, he also mentioned that this is a kind of war that we have to fight by staying indoors and by following the rules and regulations formed by the government. He also said that even the developed nations like Italy are struggling to control the spread of novel coronavirus, and if the situation got out of hands, India would have to pay an unimaginable price.

Here, are the five important statements that he made while addressing the nation on COVID-19:

  1. Social distancing is very important; this even applies on the prime minister.
  2. Every village, state, district would be under complete lockdown for 21 days from midnight.
  3. Forget what is like to be outside.
  4. 21 days needed to break the chain COVID-19.
  5. India at a crucial stage, if not followed to be indoors for 21 days than the nation would go 21 years behind.

modi folded hands

He said that it has become “extremely necessary” to take this drastic and this not only applies to the patients of coronavirus but on all the people of India even on the prime minister, only the medical shops, grocery shops, hospitals, police stations, are allowed to function. Anyone flouting the rules faces up to 2 years of prison and heavy fines. Despite of such strict rules and punishments some people on the very next were found on the streets walking in groups, and in some going outside in their vehicles noticing this the police was allowed to shower their “dande” on these people.

The government has decided the punishment for general public but what about the leaders of their own ruling party who are going against the rules and regulations made by their own party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it very clearly that social distancing applies to all and it would not be tolerated if anyone goes against this, not even the prime minister himself is allowed to avoid social distancing.

Despite this one of the leader who is well known for changing the names of places based on religion, creating unnecessary issues between Hindu and Muslims. Here, we talk about Yogi Adityanath who did not even cared about the situation, India is facing rather it is more important for him to participate in religious events despite of social distancing during the lockdown protocols.

In the ambience where India is going through a difficult time because of the coronavirus cases that has reached 754 till now and taking into considerations the protocols of social distancing and nationwide lockdown Yogi Adityanath on early Wednesday participated in an event that was organized to shift the statue of lord shree Ram to a temporary structure in the Ram janambhoomi compound in Ayodhya till the construction of the Ram Temple.

This ceremony took place at around 4:30 am on the first day of navratri festival. Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath attended the ceremony with the “group” of priests who had converged in the temple from different states. In this situation when there is a ban on social gatherings and the temples all over the country has been instructed to remain close due the crowd it could gather because of the navratri festival Mr. Adityanath decided to inculcate the ceremony and the shifting of the statue doesn’t make sense when, he himself made an appeal to the public to not participate in the religious activities because of the hiking rate of cases of COVID-19 in India.

Isn’t this action of his is partial and has being ignored because if this activity was performed by some another leader of some other party it would have become a taunting line in everyone’s speech from Modi government. Also, when a leading party leader is participating in such social and religious events in the situation of coronavirus outbreak how can he set an example for the people of his state when he himself violated the protocols for social distancing and gathered a group of people from different states to be the part of the event.

Contradictory to this, a video went viral on many social media sites including some mainstream TV and media websites that police in bengaluru lathicharged people when they were found inside a mosque, they were badly beaten to keep them away from gathering during the lockdown. Why India always have different rules for different people?

We very proudly says, Law is equal and same for all, then why this partiality with Yogi Adityanath- The New Khatron Ke Khiladi?

The question that arises here is that what action our Prime Minister will take on Yogi. When he made it clear that no one is allowed to participate in or conduct any sort of social gathering and this applies to all including him.

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