Kicking The Century Long Dictatorship Of Judges In The Courtrooms of India. Breaking The Tughlaq Rule & Setting India Free.

No one is above the law. The law supersedes everyone, law is equal for everyone.

We might have read and heard these statements in books, movies or even real courts, but seems the New India, its courts & judges have read different law books than the rest of the world.

Talking about one tweet by lawyer Prashant Bhushan On 29 June, he shared an image of CJI Bobde sitting on a Harley Davidson superbike, commenting that the CJI was sitting on a bike belonging to a BJP leader, at a time when the Supreme Court was “denying citizens their fundamental right to access Justice” because it was in lockdown mode.

The question every citizen of India has in his mind is where is the contempt of court in this tweet?

Justice Bobde had been driving the bike without mask, without helmet and he has only been shown the mirror to face the truth, if a common man would have done this act, he would have been brutally trashed by police in India for breaking down the rules of lockdown, he would have been put behind the bars under NSA, UAPA, TADA acts and would have never got any legal aid and his entire life would have been rusted in jails of India, but the honourable justice bobde instead of apologizing to the nation and setting an example of a well educated, well literate man and a law abiding citizen of India, charged prashant bhushan for the contempt of court, this may sound more like a Tuglaq rule or a clear sign of dictatorship in India.

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The most amazing part is that supreme court of India invested almost 2 months for this baseless case of contempt of court and wasting too much time of law where as in India there are so many cases pending for trials in the Indian courts for almost more than 30-40 years.

We might have also heard many a times that citizens also gets fined or punished for wasting the time of court, what is not understandable in this matter is how a body like supreme court able to invest 2 months on such silly matter.

What were the judges of supreme court trying to prove, finally on 31st August 2020 after two months of continuous refusal of apologizing for his tweets, supreme court had fined Prashant Bhushan for INR 1.

Now many questions arise in the common man’s mind.

1. What was the need of such fine?

2. Was the fine imposed only to satisfy the ego and arrogance that lawyers could be fined for showing the mirror to the CJI

3. What action was taken on CJI bobde for breaking the law during the lockdown, Is Bobde Above The Law??

4. Is this a new trend in New India that you can simply pay one INR and walk freely after contempt of Court?

5. Is the pride & prestige of the apex court of the country so cheap?

6. Can Supreme Court dare to invest time in such baseless case where more than millions of cases are pending in the courts of India?

7. Can A CJI drive a bike without any helmet and mask where are police has been doing lathi charge on anyone and everyone during the lockdown for coming out?

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8. Can A CJI enjoy the bike ride without any helment and mask but closed the supreme court and postponed the hearings?

In past also it has been observed that judges, keep punishing the people in courtrooms in the name of contempt of court just to satisfy their ego, sometimes they ask to raise the hands, sometimes, they ask people for squatting.

It seems the judges usually forget that they are also the part of the system and they don’t own the system, many times the judges of the courtrooms in India start behaving as if their courtrooms in India are their ancestral property and they own it. They fail and refuse to understand that the courtrooms they are sitting in are built by the money paid by the tax payers of the country and they are also the employee of the government owned by the citizens.

Law and order of the country should be and must be same for everyone, whether its a common man, a billionaire, the PM of the country or the CJI of supreme court of India, no one should be above the law and everyone deserves the punishment to break the law.

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