Lockdown or No lockdown, Is Government Confused For The Next Step Or Playing A Diplomatic Game. Are India & Indians Ready For 2nd Lockdown?

Lockdown or No lockdown?

Lockdown, A Mystery That Keeps Condoring Our lives into stagnancy, is on the verge of haunting human lives once again. The government’s puzzle has been more complicated over the years than it has in the History of the Indian economy. The indecisiveness of the government has laid barriers to the growth of India as a globally dominant force. Even if we keep all the headlines away for a moment, is the truth behind the selective lockdowns get confronted? Or Another Vicious Move by the government to portray its integrity? The jangling mystery goes around as many high-prolific states like Maharashtra and Delhi have imposed stringent lockdowns. While other states have impeded more struggles are opposing the notion as they feel the economy staggering would break the structural framework into pieces. The vandalized predicament of lockdown has been surfacing ever since the second wave of coronavirus emerged in India. Aren’t the norms meant to be equitable for communities across India? It is the question that political leaders, reforms, and the Indian citizens have got erupted.

Coronavirus cases are threatening India like never before as the nation records the highest spike in a day. On Thursday, India stands on the fence of throttling the lockdown again; over 115,000 cases got reported within the last 24 hours. The situation that has inflicted conflicts across masses has been the preferability misconceptions enforced by the government. On single threads, the Indian citizens are forced to stay confined in their homes while the election campaigns get underway in full tilt. The Economic Slump hasn’t recovered ever since the coronavirus broke the passageway and surged in India. Prevailing developments have hastened to leave citizens stranded on the halfway line. The Indian government, side-by-side, keeps piling up the torment on the lives of thousands of millions of valuable citizens across Indians.

Lockdown is imperative, but so is the existence of the Indian economy. Have you wondered the cognition that the election campaigns going on efficiently irrespective of the coronavirus pandemic? The conception of fining citizens traversing without masks despite conducting rallies in masses gone unnoticeable. Bizzare! The debate could go years by, but the concept would remain unjustifiable. Let’s unravel the whole mystery with a recent storyline that happened in Madhya Pradesh. Shivraj Singh Chouhan Led Government announced a 60-hour weekend lockdown in all MP cities. He asserted that the intention in the second wave was never to impose a lockdown. The state is facing an unprecedented crisis that could oversee more cases in the foreseeable future. Contrarily, if Madhya Pradesh is under cosmic threat, why an exception for Damoh then? The answer, like in many other instances- election campaigns. The arduousness of the government has straightforwardly implicated colossal conflicts.

If one sees the massive crowds at political rallies, they might get an insight about Covid-19 cases surge. A close examination of these swelling crowds will show us that most people are not wearing masks and not maintaining social distancing. Safety measures are the thing in the past. While it is not the first time that elections are being held after the onset of the pandemic, the scale is cosmic this time around, with the government of five states at stake. Leaders of political parties seemingly have prioritized election campaigns over implementing safety measures themselves. The visuals of an instance that happened today morning will take your breath away. A man got thrashing by the police for not wearing a mask while the political parties maintain pin-drop silence on the situation. Such instances throttle citizen’s confidence in the current regime, and rightly so.

Contradictory Claims and False Narratives Became Government’s Strategy

Narendra Modi’s two national address has done little to address the real concerns. However, the government opted to pass derogatory statements regarding the progress of the Covid-19 vaccination in India. Addressing the nation on Thursday, PM Modi announced that the Teeka Mahotsav embark on April 11 and will continue till April 14. But with the vaccine efficacy still a debate, how could such an initiative take place. According to a research study, the Health Departments are conducting Rapid Antigen Tests, which has a far lesser efficacy than the prolonged tests. PM Modi said that the vaccination progress had moved ahead eminently, but these facts depict the government’s viciousness. Why has the government not held constant meetings for regulating the vaccine process? Taking the credits for the progress yourself when the healthcare workers have put in day-in shifts is a perfect example of gaining paramount attention. Because the government has been documenting these false narratives for a long time, it piles more misery on the Indian citizens. The claims of the vaccination administration have been graded so high that even the citizens were left appealing. Bashing the citizens for traversing the roads is only justifiable when the government itself amends on its directives. The directives have been barely performed in the foreground as all political parties continue to compete for larger crowds in their rallies. The election campaigns seem to be flying in the face of the norms, expecting people to compel wearing masks even while driving. Ridiculous, right? The coronavirus is spiking to enormous numbers daily, and what is the Union Health Ministry of India doing? It is sharing the videos of election rallies of the Prime Minister. It shows that these bunch officials aren’t concerned about the people’s sentiments and are not imposing congenial strategies to combat the virus.

Vaccine Efficacy Rates, A Deep Loophole

The pathway for vaccination development has been simulating, but what has made it more torment is that it lacks efficacy. While the efficacy rates expected to be higher overseeing the hype created by the government. The figures were not satisfactory as following the intensity in the vaccination program; the government lacked the propensity of assuring a 100 percent guarantee. The government didn’t adhere to the patient claims regenerating the symptoms of Covid-19 after administration of the vaccine. Even today, the affirmative confrontation hasn’t moved. PM Modi claimed that it is even more judicious and preliminary for the vaccinated citizens to follow the protocols. Wasn’t the vaccine launched on the frontier of relieving the country against the transmission of the virus? The real debatable point is if the RT-PCR tests were so accurate and the testing was so eminent in its conduct, how did the government document no updates over testing in the past year?

WHO has appreciated India for picking up speed in the vaccination program and attaining record-high figures every day. But as the vaccination went on, the cases also surged up. Does it have any reflection of the side effects people face? We think so! India’s vaccine efficacy rates have been much below the appealing standards they should have because these vaccines get exported to foreign countries. Multiple cases have got detected where the patients are facing severe ramifications after intaking the vaccines. The side effects include blood-clotting, distress, high fever. The government accused the spread of misinformation as the exact reason for low efficacy rates. It got overviewed that around 64% of the people were hesitant to take the vaccines in the initial stages, and the numbers have gone ever staggeringly. Nonetheless, some healthcare professionals in India expressed concerns that they had not been provided with enough data on the vaccines’ safety and efficacy and were nervous at the speed the vaccines were getting rolled out. Spiraling news came in the prime of the hour when Kerala Chief Minister, who had taken the vaccine last month, tested Covid positive. The uncertainty ballooning over the vaccine shows that the government has not handled it comprehensively. And that is why we find ourselves in the situation where threats of another lockdown are at the scintillating hike.

lockdown or no lockdown

With Constant Pressure to Cope Up Piling, The Indian Economy on the cosh of non-existence

On the stage where the government should be apprehending economic growth, the lockdown could be the final nail in the coffin. The contraction imperatively leads all stakes down, and with mounting external pressure to cut down bilateral trade with China, our economy could bring all sorts of problems. The Indian conglomerates have stepped the downturn through and have got some great investments ahead. Although the growth expansion could have been much higher if the government handed cooperation in conducting activities, the hovering of cyclic chains has gained acceleration. The terrifying factor of the lockdown is that it could leave behind all the projections targeted for FY22. Indian economy, whose value has deteriorated even before the epidemic, could be non-recognizable in the world. The crucial migrant workers of the nation could found wandering and strangulating on the roads in the hope of survival. Rightly, we as prolific citizens did not want that under any conditions. The Nation’s integrity is much more pretentious than the scoffing of implementing a lockdown.

The Final Puzzle that Reflects the Government’s Diplomacy

The Final Judicious Aspect that indicated that the government is playing a diplomatic game is conducting exams physically amid the risks hanging on the cliff of moving out of control. While on one side of the spectrum, The BJP government urges students to lead India towards immunization by confining to the protocols. On the other hand, you are exposing the youth in examination centers with mass crowds. Diplomacy at the highest level, isn’t it? When the election rallies are surging across the states, these youths get entitled as bhakts of BJP, and when they are concerned about the future, their resilience became unheard.

While asserting the challenges of the coronavirus that lies ahead, PM Narendra Modi focused on two judicious moves: Encouraging the youth to prosper the model of combating the virus and rapidly increasing the testing. The citizens have to be naive to believe India’s official numbers of coronavirus patients. The lack of widespread testing and the shortage in the vaccines shows that the progress stated about staying ahead against the deadly infection is a fallacy. Miserably, the evidence so far suggests that the Modi government cannot think through the details of planning and execution. It turns out to be another demonetization, with the typical Modi problem of mistaking theatrics for achievement. The hard way is not always subtle, but to sustain long-term, the government needs to stick to the structural plans rather than exaggerating non-differential achievements.






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