Meta has Rolled out its New Paid Verification Feature;Expects to Add 3 Billion USD to the Revenue

The parent company of Facebook, Meta has launched a premium verification feature that offers a blue badge to the users on their profile. The move will yield a revenue of 3 billion USD to the platform.

After Twitter announced the paid blue tick verification feature, Meta joined the bandwagon too. Recently, Meta unveiled its premium subscription for users to get verified. The users can now get their account verified with a government ID. apart from profile verification, the new feature gives paid users extra protection from any acts of impersonation.

 The parent company of Facebook, Meta has launched a premium verification feature that offers a blue badge to the users on their profile. The subscription starts from 11.99 USD per month for web users and 14.99 USD for users on the iOS platforms. The service will be first available in New Zealand and Australia.

The features provided by Meta’s new verification feature:

The features provided by the Meta subscription are not restricted to a verified account. The subscription allows vast benefits to the users. Along with profile verification, the subscription offers extra protection to the users against impersonation on Instagram and Facebook. In addition, they will get direct access to customer support.

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has written on his Instagram platform sharing the news of the blue subscription feature stating that Meta has initiated to roll out the paid subscription feature. It is a subscription service that allows users to verify their accounts with a government ID and get a blue badge. The users will receive extra protection from impersonation against any accounts that claim to be the user.

The new feature will enable authenticity and security across the various services provided by Meta. The verified feature will roll out for web users at 11.99 USD/month and 14.99 USD/ month for iOS users.

Meta has not yet revealed any additional information about the new feature but according to legitimate sources, it has been declared that the verification feature will be available for profiles but not pages. The source has shared a screenshot on its tech portal stating that the users can get the subscription to Meta verified for their profile. However, notable pages could still apply for verification.

Previously, Twitter announced the Blue tick verification to charge the premium users under the ownership of Elon Musk. The Indian users are allowed to use the paid services at the prices of 650 INR and 900 INR respectively for the web platforms and mobile.

Twitter’s rollout of the blue tick verification did not start out well at first.

Twitter’s daily addition and removal of new features have immensely confused its users.

The platform only made the Blue Tick subscription available to iOS users when it first launched. Android users have not yet been given the option.

Since Twitter announced the blue tick option, a lot has happened. People bought Twitter Blue subscriptions and made fictitious, verified accounts of famous users. It caused a great deal of confusion on the social media website.

After Elon Musk, the platform’s new leader, allowed users to pay 8 USD for the blue tick that had previously been reserved for celebrities like actors, politicians, and other notable figures, the number of fake accounts on the platform increased.

Fake accounts for a number of well-known companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, Nestle, and others businesses, have appeared with the blue tick.

According to Twitter’s support page, the social media platform has added an official label to some accounts to prevent impersonation.

The attempt by Meta could be an option for the company to diversify its revenue after the competitors including Twitter have taken the same path.

Twitter’s Chief Executive Office Elon Musk called the former’s move inevitable in a tweet on Sunday. But, the impact on the revenue on both platforms could be marginal as of now. The Meta verified feature may add 2 to 3 billion USD to the company’s revenue. Last year, the company achieved total revenue of 117 billion USD. The move has been appreciated to be beneficial for the company to retain the creators in their platform who are willing to pay the price to protect their content and help their posts to achieve high engagement. They may achieve increased visibility in areas like search, recommendations, and comments as stated by the company.

Mid-January has showcased that less than 0.2 percent of Twitter users had agreed to pay for the subscriptions like Twitter blue. But the same fate may not be visualized by Meta since it verifies the users based on the government ID.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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