Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the Common man is not affected by the Rising of Petrol and Diesel Prices! Really????

The prices of petroleum and diesel products have risen 22 times in the past 23 days led to a countrywide agitation by Congress against the government.

In response to the national protest of Congress on fuel prices, Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, defending the increase in prices, said that the national economy, as well as the world economy, was going through a challenging time and that it had affected the demand and supply of fuel in the whole world. Therefore, a recent increase in the prices of petrol and diesel has not affected the common man.

How can you say that the increase in fuel prices does not affect the common man?

Let us tell you that the increase in the price of diesel and petrol has a direct effect on the increase in the cost of transportation and it can be critical food inflation that will directly affect the pocket of the common man.

People aren’t earning much due to the Economic crisis. Thus, this inflation will further burden the common man. Day by day the price of petrol and diesel rises, which also increases the tension and worries of the common man like us.

It seems that Dharmendra Pradhan belongs to such a special category of the common man who does not know what the cumulative effects of the increase in the price of fuel will look like on the costs of transportation, agriculture, industry, and various sectors.

How much money do Ministers have so that this increase in fuel prices does not matter to them?

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“When a problem arises in a family, the person carefully manages finances to face future challenges. The increase in fuel prices should seem like this”, Pradhan stated.

Let us tell you the real and shrewd thinking is that when a problem reaches a family, that problem needs to be addressed and resolved immediately and the responsible head of the family carefully manages finances, not to face future challenges but to achieve both ends otherwise, the life of the whole family will be at risk and they will no longer be in the future.

As the increase in the price of fuel can be seen in the current context that more money was transferred to corporations, most of it will go to political parties and they can make their future secure by not spending adequate money for the welfare of the people at the time of mass misery. 

But what you see today is offensive negligence. They are continuously giving their useless explanation. The crorepatis who take seats in the legislative bodies that cross the political lines are now the best common man.

Why does the government not understand that the lockdown and this decision have a great impact on the household budget?

People don’t have the money to buy essentials, they can’t even pay their children fees. 70% of people have lost their job. Instead of helping the common man, the government has slapped a common man by rising fuel prices.

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“The statement given by Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and decision to increase fuel prices revealed the true face of the government.

At the time of the pandemic and the resulting loss of jobs and income, people’s burden should be reduced by providing solace to them by injecting more cash into their hands. The government bodies who are responsible should pay some heed before the impact is felt by the lesser privileged. Even not just for fuel, but food rates should also go down right now instead of going up.

If the government does not understand the problems of a common man and supports them, who will support a common man? Or do you expect friends in your neighborhood to support the Indians ?????

Why did Minister Dharmendra give this statement? Did he give his statement with a lost mind or was he not in his sense?

 Doesn’t the government know that shifting the burden on the public will affect their cost of living?

 Are we crazy that we have turned unlearned people into ministers? Ministers who don’t know when to take the right action, when the time is right to impose the lockdown and when to impose a financial emergency?

Last year in mid-October, Ravi Shankar Prasad proclaimed that there was no economic slowdown as 3 films earned Rs 120 crore. If the economy can be stable from the film industries and entertainment centers, as we see in 3 films of Rs 120 crore can stable the economy, then why doesn’t the government open Cinepolis, media houses, and entertainment centers instead of recovering the economy by increasing the prices of daily essentials like gasoline, diesel, lentils, vegetables?

Many things have become expensive, people don’t have jobs, those who have, are not earning much and on the top of that fuel prices are increasing daily. The government should think about it, where will a common man get so much money?

Even if an illiterate person can understand how an increase in fuel prices affects the life of the common man, then why can’t GOI understand?

It is very strange how citizens can vote for those people who have no idea what the basic reality is, but just to talk, do they speak?

Why does the common man always suffer? Can the government answer this question?

It seems that the government has no concern with a common man except in elections. GOI cannot handle the prevailing situation, that is why it always gives fatuous statements.

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