List of Pin Code of Mizoram

Mizoram is a state in Northeast India, with Aizawl serving as the state capital and seat of government. The name of the state is derived from “Mizo,” the self-described name of the native inhabitants, and “Ram,” which means “land” in Mizo. Thus, “Mizo-ram” means “Mizo land.” It is the southernmost landlocked state in India’s northeast region, sharing borders with three of the Seven Sister States, namely Tripura, Assam, and Manipur. The state also shares a 722-kilometer (449-mile) border with neighbouring Bangladesh and Myanmar. Mizoram, like several other northeastern Indian states, was previously a part of Assam until 1972, when it was carved out as a Union Territory.



Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
Aibawk  796190 Aizwal Aizwal Mizoram
Aizawl  796001 Aizwal Aizwal Mizoram
Bunghmun  796710 Lungleh Lungleh Mizoram
Champai  796321 Aizwal Aizwal Mizoram
Chandmari  796007 Aizwal Aizwal Mizoram
Chawngte  796770 Lawngtlai Lawngtlai Mizo ram
Darlawn  796111 Aizwal Darlawn Mizo ram
Demagiri  796751 Lungleh Lungleh Mizo ram
Deomali  796629 Lungleh Lungleh Mizo ram
Dustlang  796025 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Hnahthial  796571 Lungleh Hnahthial Mizo ram
Kawnpur  796070 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Khawzawl  796310 Champhai Khawzawl Mizo ram
Kolasib  796081 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Kulikawn  796005 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Lakhicherra  796471 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Lungdar  796370 Saiha Saiha Mizo ram
Lungdar  796370 Sherchip Sherchip Mizo ram
Lunglei  796701 Lungleh Lunglei Mizo ram
Lungsen  796730 Lungleh Lungsen Mizo ram
Mumit  796441 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Ngopa  796290 Champhai Champhai Mizo ram
Ramhlun  796012 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Saiha  796901 Lungleh Lungleh Mizo ram
Sairang  796410 Aizwal Sairang Mizo ram
Saitual  796261 Aizwal Saitual Mizo ram
Serchhip  796181 Aizwal Serchhip Mizo ram
Serchip  796181 Sherchip Sherchip Mizo ram
Sialsuk  796230 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Sihphir  796031 Kolasib Kolasib Mizo ram
Thingsulthliah  796161 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Thingsulthliah  796161 Sherchip Sherchip Mizo ram
Tlaingnuam  796015 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Vairengte  796101 Aizwal Vairengte Mizo ram
Vaivakaan  796009 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Zemabawk  796017 Aizwal Aizwal Mizo ram
Zotlang  796691 Lungleh Lungleh Mizo ram

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