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Buy Mobile flip covers from OptnBuy and protect your phones at Rs.1

Buy Mobile flip covers from OptnBuy and protect your phones at Rs.1

You heard right, only 1 rupee! With OptnBuy’s mega sale, you can get mobile flip covers for only Rs.1.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other technological devices need exterior and internal protection and security. When it comes to smartphones individually, their safety is inescapable and mandatory since it is a handy device that is also susceptible to drops and falls, which can seriously damage your phone externally and sometimes even damage the internal parts. When you own a smartphone, it’s your responsibility to protect the locking screen and the back completely so that you can invest in protective covers.

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Drops, slips, and other unfortunate events can destroy your expensive smartphone within seconds with no warning, leaving you to pay huge repair fees. It is much better to protect your smartphone with a case and save your money and phone. If you want full protection, you should get a flip case and cover. Wallet cases also double as flip cases, which provide both protection and the ability to style your phone with wallet accessories. Flip covers are very convenient and very appealing to the eye. Let’s look at some of their advantages.

Flip cases are ideal for college students and those who work in an office. Flip covers are slim and sleek covers with magnetic button closure with a flap on the back. Additionally, a hardshell with a flip-up protection cover has some pros:

  1. The flip cases protect your phone from all sides, yet they allow you to check the time, answer calls, and check notifications. It allows you to answer all incoming calls without opening the front lid easily.
  2. When you open the top display cover, the magnetic sensor inside will lighten up, and it will automatically encrypt your smartphone screen.
  3. Flip covers and cases have built-in stands that keep your phone firmly fixed on the table so you can watch videos, watch movies, and play games.
  4. Unlike traditional cases, flip covers provide additional screen protection and prevent your smartphone from scratching or getting bumped.
  5. Slim and sleek are the characteristics of flip phone cases. Flip covers at OptnBuy are made up of high-quality material, which seeks attention and is easy to carry. While customers’ choices and demands are different, flip cases are made with complete excellence and are of top quality.

Though you may be wondering why they sell mobile flip covers, you should know that mobile covers have several benefits. Below are a few of them:

  1. Durable – When properly maintained, leather lasts a very long time! As the patina of leather develops, creating your unique Phone case, your leather case will not only last for years but also be unique to you.
  2. Shock Resistant – A leather iPhone case made from supple leather is naturally shock-resistant so that you can protect your phone from minor accidents.
  3. Textured – A leather Phone case is made of real leather with a natural pebbled texture. Due to its pebbled consistency, it is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. With this pebbled texture and the softness of leather, you’ll never want to put this phone case down (and even if you do, its grippy texture won’t let you off)!
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing – The high-quality look of leather Phone cases goes well with just about anything. Your phone is always going to match your outfit, whether it’s in a bag, backpack, or holster in your pocket.
  5. Thermal Balance – Our favourite leather benefit is that it helps keep your phone’s thermal balance (just one more of leather’s benefits). The porous nature of leather allows it to disperse heat and allow cool air to penetrate. While playing games or watching videos on your phone, leather cases will help distribute heat to prevent your phone from overheating.
  6. Water Barrier – Do you know that high-end leather can easily be waterproofed to protect your phone from water and damage? A leather iPhone case won’t protect a phone from water damage if dropped in a pool, but it can help deflect subtle raindrops or splashes. Water will deflect off the leather if it is correctly maintained.

Is the budget tight for purchasing a new phone cover? OptnBuy is starting a mega sale of leather flip covers from the 1st of March at just Rs.1. OptnBuy offers the best shopping experience for mobile accessories in the country w. With online shopping with OptnBuy, you’ll never have to visit crowded malls or local shops. OptnBuy brings you branded accessories to enhance the appearance of your mobile phone.

OptnBuy offers mobile flip covers for Samsung , iPhone , Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Tecno, Oneplus, Redmi, Poco, Infinix, Honor, They have more than 250 products option to choose from 

The OptnBuy team is determined to provide excellent customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, tracking the order is simple, and you can obtain its status at any time.

Get discounts on online purchases and get maximum benefits. Grab the mega sale now at before it ends.



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