“NDTV Is In True Motherly Hands”: Radhika Roy And Her Determination Are The Reason Behind NDTV To Be Alive And Kicking

Working in the print media for an entire decade, and switching to television was destiny’s play to tell Roy that it was her time. The co-founder of NDTV, a channel that needs no introduction in today’s time, has the strongest spine, Mrs Radhika Roy.

Radhika Roy has played her life roles in the most perfect ways possible. Being a mother herself, she has worked day and night for NDTV to hit a home run. Being a passionate journalist herself, she has always known that the true role of the media is reaching out to the masses, to every section, and addressing them. This is exactly what she had in her mind when she founded NDTV, with the help of her husband, Prannoy Roy, who is a journalist himself.
When she talks about how she came up with NDTV, there is always a kind of glow that appears on her face. She believed that television has a very strong impact on the viewer’s thinking process. They get away with what they see, so why not give them content that is worth their while, and has the ability to reach out to them as a true medium should. She knew working on NDTV from the ground up is going to be a journey full of challenges and difficulties, but the amount of determination she has always carried in herself, kept her going.

NDTV’s daily functioning goes along as Radhika is deeply involved with every aspect of the channel. She was the Managing Director of NDTV until 2011 and switched to the post of Executive Co-Person from then till the present day. Being a television personality and standing agile in this field for 25 years, she has hardly been interviewed or photographed, having maintained her professional life on a very controlled track.
Talking about her personal life, she is married to Prannoy Roy, the chairperson of NDTV. He is a great admirer of his wife, saying that she is “the guiding vision and the force behind NDTV”, and frankly there is no denial to that.

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In the present day, she uses her experience and familiarity in editorial production as a guide for everybody at NDTV. Not just this, being the diligent personality, she is, her leadership qualities are adored by one and all. The programming formats are formalized by herself and that is how she has held her company together like a fist for the past 26 years.

Talking about her journey with NDTV, she says no journey can ever be complete without any obstacles, just like the one she had with NDTV. From fighting against the CBI’s charges on her channel for fraudulent and corrupt practices to fighting upfront for the right of media’s freedom after the ban on her channel for one day, nothing has ever set her back.

All her sacrifices, struggles, and strength came to the world’s eye when she was embraced with the title of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Information, Communication, and Entertainment in the year 2003.

Her journey with NDTV sets and example for everyone that no company can ever be a howling success until a woman has her touch to its growth.

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