Need for unconventional use of LinkedIn and Human Resources

We live in an ever-changing society. There are newness and freshness in the primary, secondary, and tertiary sector. This implies the adaptation of India and the world to digitalization. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, machine learning are a few popular terms in the industry. Moreover, assistive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality continue to have successful partnerships between man and machine. Since the advent of social media, the internet hasn’t paused. Social media remains synonymous with ‘time is money’. You can earn so much through this platform or nothing at all if not used properly. As of 2017, the technology growth in India was 7.7%. 


Of the many social media platforms for networking and communication, LinkedIn is one such application with the value proposition of being business, career, or work-oriented. In brief, the app that makes networking in the business world easy. LinkedIn remains an exclusive social media platform for ‘finding and getting the job done’. Implying that, recruiter and applicants can both find an ideal person to hire or get hired. The ease of working can be monetized and taken advantage by creating an appropriate opportunity and job type that best suits us. A salary of about $75,000 per year remains an average for applicants hired through LinkedIn. It is reported that 6% of Indians avail a salary of Rs 2,40,000 a year. Only 1% of Indians makeover Rs.14,00,000 and they remain in the wealthy bracket. There needs to be an understanding of the importance of using LinkedIn as a product of digitalization for securing your career. LinkedIn has 20 million jobs on its platform and the right one awaits you. 


LinkedIn doesn’t stand alone in this segment.


Post its launch the competition rose and new companies such as Triplebyte for engineers. Facebook isn’t far behind in terms of initiating e-learning for professional development through assessment. Out of these many resources, how many have we availed? With only 0.07% of Indians on LinkedIn, there is a meek possibility of giving a number.

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Mr Rishabh Nandi, engineer and businessman with experience from Directorate of Shipping Services is of the opinion that “Ten years ago, to find a job a person had to visit and apply at consultancy services. In academic institutions, the traditional norm of Curriculum vitae persists. For all the things that one achieves over the years, making it ‘precise’ creates no advantage to an individual because all are compared at the same level. Companies, on the other hand, find it difficult to select the right person for the right job and exit empty-handed.” It has been stated that less than 2% of Indian people who apply for jobs traditionally each day, get one. About 38% of millennials are found on LinkedIn across the globe. According to Hubspot, the effectiveness of LinkedIn was given at 277% as compared to Facebook and Twitter. Although, most Indians are on Facebook as compared to LinkedIn.


Rural jobs have fallen to 3.7% in 2018. With the advent of Digital India, there are 251 million internet users only in rural areas. Lack of knowledge on the resources available to them, the rural people remain unemployed and the gap widens. 


Individuals and organizations should quit being dogmatic.


When we are ready to buy everything online by looking at a picture, why don’t we use this online platform to showcase ourselves well? As of August 2019, the market share in percentage if Indian LinkedIn users were at 0.07% as compared to 1.79% and 1.41% on Twitter and Instagram respectively. Facebook takes away a major share of 89.79%. But is the business world more of Facebook or on LinkedIn? As specified earlier, machine learning, big data, are replacing the human. There is a competition between man and machine. The technology makes a shift every minute and the Government of India also acknowledges the same. Everything that can be powered by machines makes the question- “where are the jobs going to emerge from?” more invisible. 

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Rural jobs have fallen to 3.7% and urban employment is not faring well. Technology adoption has been triggered in all industries and departments and human resource management departments. companies and industry shouldn’t be far behind. An application that brings you a step closer to the desired job and also improves a person’s skillsets should be leveraged. About 2 million tests have been taken and applied for on LinkedIn for skill assessment across the world. India shouldn’t be far behind. 


Mr Rishabh Nandi also adds “Human resources are the advantages of an organization and the organization should know the details of their resources. These details are not available in a ‘precise’ CV. But, on the online professional applications, not only you get the complete details you also are aware of the thoughts that the individual possesses. The recruiter finds a better understanding of the approaches, likeability and thinking of the individual.” Around 160 million people are on LinkedIn in the United States. But less than half, that is, 59 million Indians are on the same platform. It’s time to move ahead and tap what remains to be untapped.


A piece of paper has 10 lies and 1 truth, an individual with his bluff face and 15 minute of conversation acquires the job and later quits on it when he finds something better.


LinkedIn can be accepted as a platform where you can approach your dream company. It can provide an individual with global representation, there will be someone who is underemployed in a place but his actual match lies somewhere else.

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Therefore, being unconventional can fetch you better results and a better position.



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