Neighbium: New Age Apartment Management System

The world is progressing towards modernity and people are becoming smarter. Today, the impact of technology in our life is immeasurable and one of the greatest examples of modern technology is Society Management Software which could be the light at the end of the tunnel. In the present era, the purpose of choosing a residential society is not just limited to living close to essential amenities. Today housing society members demand many more features in their society, they need advanced tools that can meet common goals, save time and money and reduce unnecessary efforts. Apartment Management Software has all these features and it can tackle the most complex housing society administrative tasks with just a few clicks. Well, here we introduce you to Neighbium, an apartment management system app which will help you in managing your society day to day operations in more effective and cheaper way that you can ever imagine.

What is Neighbium?

Neighbium is a smart phone app which will help housing societies to manage their society operations Whether it is the collection of society’s dues from non paying members, managing common utilities, handling the complaints from housing society members or handling statutory reports; everything needs to be managed through a computerized system.

How is Neighbium helpful in managing your apartment management needs?

Automated Maintenance Collection from the members of the society:

In this feature, the app system will allow you to send App notification, SMS and Email with invoice to society members to remind them about the due dates of their maintenance amount payment and also help them in paying their dues before due date. They can pay through traditional ways like Cash, Cheque or NEFT and along with that they can also use other payment gateways including Paytm, Mobikwik and Instamojo.


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Automated Account Management without having to worry:

The App system will automatically prepare all accounting statements for Audit purpose like Receipt and Payment, Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheet. With this feature of the app, the society will no more be in need of accountant to manage society accounting. Our automated accounting feature will do all the journal entries for income and expenses of the society and prepare all your financial statements.


Visitor Management by the members of the society:

The members of the society can digitally track their visitors through this app. Whenever any visitor come to their house, the system of the app will notify the members residing in the flats that visitor has entered the society and coming to the flat.


Polls Management to get members opinions:

The members of the society can generate polls in the society and get opinions of the members on events for various festivals or days including that of Holi, Diwali, New Year, Xmas, and many more. The important elections can also be conducted using polls.


Publish Notices to reach all members of the society:

The members of the society can publish various important notices on the app itself and reach all members of the society. The information rotation facility can be generated through this app. It is easier for members to take not of the same through their app.


Complaint Management issued by the members of the society:

Members can create tickets for problem in their flat like they need plumber or electricians or security guard misbehave with them etc. All of their complaints can be logged in through the app. This makes it easy for them to log in instant and urgent complains and they will not have to wait around for the required authority to meet around and then log a complain.

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Biometric support for the staff members working at the society:

You can track the staff members of your society through the finger scanning feature of the app which will help you in getting notified when staff enters the society This is helpful in recording of attendance and calculating of absents. This is helpful in enhancing safety as well.


Multiple Payment Gateways for easier payment of maintenance without any delays:

Sometimes people who live in the society might make unreasonable excuses about paying the maintenance. And, sometimes you might find genuine reason. However, to avoid any kind of delay in maintenance collection, the app allows you to have a payment collection method using which members can make their maintenance payment sitting on their home in India or from foreign countries.


Why choosing Neighbium is a great idea for apartment management?

Apartment Management Software is the prominent need of our modern and enormous societies. It helps to reach maximum people at the same time and reduces the effort of physically reaching out to members.

  1. Communicating of information becomes easier with this app. Information in the form of notices is easy to rotate to people even to a lot of people at the same time, instead of going one by one to a person.
  2. It has become easier to collect maintenance, send reminders, calculate late payments. The app will help in making your work easier in a lot of ways by auto preparing the financial statements for auditing.
  3. Easy payment methods allow the people to make instant payments even if they are short on cash. This saves time and also makes management easier. Neighbium has tie up with Paytm, Mobikwik and Instamojo.
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With that said, find yourself free to download the app Neighbium and make management easier than ever! You can now be stress free about the issues that pester you all day long. all you have to do is get the app, and then things will become easier to manage all at once. We should feel blessed that today technology has helped us rise to the next levels of management where we can now carry out society management tasks in a more systematic and professional manner. Society management software has undeniably helped make the life of society members easier in more than one ways..

You can download the app from Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore or from Web.

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