Nokia claims top 5G speed of 9.85 Gbps on Vi network during trial

Top 5g speed by Nokia

Telecom gear maker Nokia India on Wednesday claimed to have recorded a
top speed of 9.85 Gigabit per second on Vodafone Idea network during the
ongoing 5G trials.

The company has achieved the top speed in back end data transmission,
which means connecting mobile base stations network, during the trials
in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

“Together with Vi, we achieved 9.85 Gbps of backhaul capacity using
E-band microwave in 80 GHz spectrum, unlocking the potential of
deploying 5G,” Nokia India said in a tweet.

Vi Nokia

The high frequency zone of E band is proposed to be used to connect
mobile networks in the back end and data speed in these bands are
expected to match the transmission levels of optical fibers.
“We are delighted to partner with Vi in trials to deliver 5G services by
connecting smallcells & macrocells with fiber-like speed through E-Band,
in areas where fiber is challenging to deploy,” Nokia said.

In September,Vodafone Idea had claimed to have recorded a peak speed of
3.7 Gbps, highest by any operator in India, during the 5G trials in Pune.

The company also claimed to have recorded 1.5 Gbps download speed in the
mid-band spectrum in Gandhinagar and Pune.

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Vi (Vodafone Idea) has been allocated high-frequency bands like 26
Gigahertz (Ghz) by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) along with
the traditional 3.5 GHz spectrum band, for 5G network trials.

The DoT had approved applications of Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and
Vodafone in May, and MTNL later. The permission has been granted for
six-month trials with telecom gear makers Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and

In June, Jio claimed to have recorded a peak speed of 1 Gbps and Airtel
is also said to have recorded the same level of peak speed in July.

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Nokia Vi 5G

Reliance Jio is using its own technology as well for 5G trials.

All the private players are providing 4G services across the country at
present and are gearing up for 5G services.


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