Open Letter To Commissioner of Police For Harassment & Fake Challan

The Commissioner Of Police
Delhi Traffic Police
New Delhi
Subject: Harassment, Fake Challan
Respected Sir
This is to bring to your kind notice that today at 12:20 Noon in front of the AIIMS I was fined for 1000 INR by the traffic cops exactly in front of the AIIMS for Red Light Jump. I was driving from AIIMS flyover towards IIT Delhi and while driving, I had mistakenly jumped the red-light.
Now through this letter of mine, I would like to bring few points to your attention.
1. I admit that I jumped the red light as I was not able to see the red light there.
2. In my challan, it is also mentioned that I was driving dangerously as well as zig-zag driving, to which I would like to state that I was not at all driving zig-zag and my speed limit was under 40 KM per hour which is a permitted speed limit.
3. The Traffic cops didnt had any speedometer as well as no video camera to record the incident.
4. Even after lot of argument, they had penalized 3 incidents in my challen of dangerously driving, zig-zag driving as well as red light jumping where as my offence was only red-light jump. I was driving at the speed of 40 KM without any zig-zag driving.
Now before making the payment for the fine, I visited the website of delhi traffic police for checking the cost of red-light jump fine and found that it is mentioned that for the red-light jump the charges for the same is only 100 INR. For your kind considereation, I am hereby pasting the link for the same.
The above link is taken from your website at 1:35 PM 11 March 2018.
Your own website of delhi traffic police shows that the challan of red-light jump was only 100 INR where as I had been charged 1000 INR.
This is so funny and amazing that at one side prime minister Narender Modi with his 56 Inches chest shouts at every rally about digital India and bringing digital technology for the betterment of India and the very own websites of multiple departments of Government of India including the traffic police website of delhi which comes under central department are not working properly and not updated regularly.
I mean this is a serious matter of fraud and breach of trust that government departments are spending crores of rupees which we citizen of India pays as tax from our hard earned money and you people gives contracts of crores of rupees to private MNC for the management and development of websites of government department but still the websites are in bad shape and not updated so as to provide proper information.
The cops have even seized my driving license as well as fined me 1000 INR against the charges mentioned on the delhi traffic police website for only 100 INR.
I would like to request you to kindly take the feeds of the CCTV installed by the government on the road and check the matter & would request you to kindly look into the same and sort this issue asap.
With Warm Regards
Nitin Naresh

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