Prukalpa Sankar: better lives with the aid of Big Data

Prukalpa Sankar co-founded SocialCops ( in 2013 once she was simply twenty-one. Since then, SocialCops has partnered with over a hundred and fifty organizations across 7+ countries to confront the world’s most crucial issues with information.

one in every of India’s quickest growing startups, SocialCops was featured on the Forbes Asia thirty beneath thirty and Fortune India forty beneath forty lists 2 years in a very row and was recognized to satisfy Prime Minister Modi mutually of India’s prime ten startups by NASSCOM.

SocialCops could be an information intelligence company. it had been supported as a result of, even in today’s data-driven world, no algorithmic program tells mayors the foremost optimized allocation of town budgets, no tool tells a ministry the way to optimize drugs offer chains supported malady irruption information, and no information set tells North American nation whether or not woman bathrooms in faculties are literally purposeful. SocialCops partners with leading governments, philanthropies, companies, and nonprofits to assist them to build their toughest choices easier, faster, and more practical.

SocialCops’ platform brings the complete decision-making method to one place, from grouping primary information and accessing secondary information to merging internal information and visualizing all the information via intuitive, stunning dashboards. The platform is optimized to require on the toughest information challenges within the developing world, like inconsistent geographic boundaries, poor web property, and poor information storage and structures.

This decision-making platform is employed by mayors to determine budget allocations, by philanthropic organizations to determine strategic investments, by governments to determine sanitation interventions, by nonprofits to determine disaster relief measures, and more.

SocialCops is proud to partner with a number of the world’s leading organizations. Their partners embrace all levels of the presidency, together with the govt. of India, Ministry of rock oil and fossil fuel, Malaysia personnel, Government of Guatemala, Ministry of Rural Development, and also the state governments of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra. SocialCops conjointly partners with major nonprofits and philanthropic foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Tata Trusts, UNICEF, Oxfam India, Swades Foundation, Goonj, and Deepalaya, additionally as massive corporates like Unilever and BASF. SocialCops is additionally proud to partner with investors Rajan Anandan (MD, Google India), Manoj Menon (MD, Frost & Sullivan), and five hundred Startups.

Prukalpa is that the co-founder of SocialCops, a knowledge intelligence company that powers leaders at organizations just like the world organization, Unilever, World Bank, GroupM, Gates Foundation, and also the Government of India to drive higher choices with information.

Their information intelligence platform helps businesses reach the guts of rural India with their market growth, geographic prioritization and rural promoting solutions engineered on prime of a chic information repository and deep sector information concerning India’s 600,000+ villages.

She started building communities mistreatment technology from the age of ten once she hardcoded AN hypertext mark-up language web site for Harry Potter Fans around the world. In her university days, she supported the Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge that unites over 150+ startups and youth in Singapore each year and LED groups of 20+ individuals in university. an authorized compulsive, you’ll most likely notice her writing down thoughts or reading once she’s not operating. She conjointly writes a monthly column at Inc42. She has antecedently worked within the business divisions of syndicalist Sachs and Exxon Mobil. She studied Engineering and Entrepreneurship at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is presently primarily based out of latest Old Delhi, India.

She is aware of best, considering she is that the co-founder of SocialCops, a knowledge intelligence startup primarily based in the capital of India. Its platform is employed by leaders and organizations not solely in India, however round the world, to create choices quicker, smarter, and a lot of data-driven.

Prukalpa, together with her Co-founder Varun Banka, started SocialCops throughout their last year in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University in 2013. “The downside we have a tendency to needed to resolve was — use the information to confront vital international challenges,” she says.

Working at investment banks, the 2 realized, however, time period information was used each second to form choices within the finance world. “But what concerning different worlds — worlds like health care, education, atmosphere, and crime, wherever information simply wasn’t utilized in an equivalent way?” they questioned.

Thus, they started with a crowdfunding campaign, that helped them connect with important individuals to higher perceive the matter. They honed their plan through various student business arrange competitions, winning over $25,000 in the award.

This became SocialCops’ seed fund. Upon graduating, the 2 founders enraptured to India and spent a complete year running numerous pilots to know why it had been thus troublesome to use information within the developing world.

With most startups walk to the beat of Silicon Valley anthems like, “break things quickly,” it’s refreshing to ascertain a young startup just like the SocialCops set its own pace. “It takes longer, particularly once you are attempting to resolve a drag just like the ones in India. Iterations ANd downloading subsequent version isn’t a possibility considering the web has not reached everyplace, however. we have a tendency to believe finding the issues can take time and that we ought to stick with them,” says Prukalpa, World Health Organization has been featured in ‘Forbes Asia thirty beneath 30’ in 2016.

If there was a souvenir for diligence and persistence, it’d for sure visit its information assortment team. For, not like the web information generated on Google or Facebook, grouping information from government records are often a difficult task.

In most places in India and also the developing world, info remains recorded on paper registers! Most of this information ne’er makes it to a digital format, or maybe if it did, is commonly held on in unstructured formats and disconnected systems that don’t refer to one another. as an example, the district of Nagpur alone has thirty-two totally different health information systems. thus you get the image.

However, Prakulpa feels that there is an idea that India does not have enough information. “We learned that governments and different organizations are grouping a large amount of knowledge from voters across the country on totally different problems. the matter isn’t that there is no data; it’s that the information is actually laborious to access and use. It exists on various government websites, that area unit troublesome to find and navigate. Once you access the information, it’s troublesome to use as a result of it’s inconsistent and unstructured. One massive part of our work has been finding all of those obscure government information sets, improvement them, and matching them with different information sets to create them reliable and usable,” she notes.

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