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Rahul Gandhi questions Amit Shah’s claim of ‘India is in a GOOD POSITION’…

On this Sunday, Home Minister Amit Shah was speaking at the CRPF i.e. Central Reserve Police Force Academy in Kadarpur village located in Gurgaon ahead of All India Tree Plantation Campaign. While started by appreciating the Prime Minister about his favorable deeds done for the environment.  

His speech included the ongoing situation of COVID-19 as well.  He said, “In the history of mankind, no other epidemic could spread as much as this corona pandemic. The whole world is fighting this battle, India is also fighting this battle very well. Everyone thought that how will a country like India fight the battle against corona, the population of one hundred and thirty crores, a federal structure in the absence of a single chain of command. He further appreciated the efforts put by the corona warriors like the security team working on the airport, railway station, etc. He assured that their contribution will not go in vain.

While he was terming this fight against coronavirus he said, “today everyone is seeing that only in India if a successful battle has been fought anywhere in the world, it is in India. Everywhere in the world, only the governments have fought this battle but in ou country along with the government, a population of one hundred thirty crores, all the state governments, and every single person has fought. With the policy of united people, one mind, one nation today we are in a good position in this battle, there is no atmosphere of  fear anywhere, there is a passion to fight against it, a determination to overcome it.”

To this Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi throws an attack on questioning the claim of “good position”. Rahul Gandhi has never been an appreciator of the steps taken by the current government for handling the deadly pandemic of COVID-19. So as a response to this the Congress Leader tweeted a graphical image portraying the ideal curve statistics for coronavirus cases, which was showing a 7day count of average cases in the United States, South kora, New Zealand and India.

This was not the first time Gandhi was interrogating the Centre about its decision of Corona handling.

In this tweet, he is willing to highlight how the government has failed in the various major steps taken including the failure in controlling the rise of corona positive cases. Almost every corona related tweet on his feed demeans the strategy or decision taken by the Centre to handle the pandemic.

The contrary opinion Of Rahul Gandhi has got support from some people who are addressing the fact that India is now in the list of Top 5 worst affected country in the world.

The question here arises how is India in a good state? The nation has reported 878K confirmed cases with 23K+ deaths. How is the government claiming its control over the situation?  How is the situation good when many states are witnessing even a lack of beds? 

The supporters of this claim put forward the facts of how India has come up with the cure of the same within this time (COVAXIN). People also mention the increased recovery rate in the nation (553k+ recovered cases). 

Now everything depends on how the government makes the nation actually in a good position….



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