Samsung enjoys the declining shares of Chinese smartphone brands!!!

The Chinese smartphone players are witnessing a marginal decline during this time of the year and Samsung on the other hand is making the most of this situation and it is ready to become a big gainer if utilized this opportunity smartly, according to the reports of Counterpoint’s Market Monitor Service research. 

A research analyst at Counterpoint Research, Shilpi Jain said that “The contribution of Chinese brands fell to 72% in Q2 2020 from 81% in Q1 2020. This was mainly due to the mixture of stuttering supply for some major Chinese brands such as Oppo, Vivo and Realme, and growing anti-China sentiment that was compounded by stringent actions taken by the government to ban more than 50 apps of Chinese origin and delay the import of goods from China amid extra scrutiny. This all resulted from the India-China border dispute during June.”

After the Indi-Chini clash off the Indian mindset has very must strengthen its focus on the concept of Local over Global. Hence this could turn out to be a great opportunity for empowering the local companies. Samsung and other native players of this field must play a masterstroke at this hour to deepen their roots in the market.

Shilpi Jain also said that “This development has given a window of opportunity for brands like Samsung and local Indian brands such as Micromax and Lava, to recapture market share. Further, Jio Google’s partnership to bring a highly affordable 4G smartphones could also gain ground, banking on the growing Vocal for Local sentiment.”

According to the reports, there was a decline in smartphone the country’s smartphone shipment by fifty-one percent year on year to just eighteen million units in the last 3 months of this year. The country imposed a nation-wide lockdown to fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus. And because of the same, there was a huge tremor on the grounds of economy. The lockdown also resulted in absolutely no shipment in the April month of this year. But somehow the market is getting back on its regular track. In the previous month of June, the smartphone shipment of India registered a slight decline of 0.3% YoY because of the held back demand and push from the brands. 

Samsung became the second-largest brand in the second quarter of this year because it was able to recover the fastest as it reached ninety-four percent of pre-COVID levels. In the last quarter, Samsung could increase its share from 16% to 26% and this achievement made Samsung really go close to Xiaomi. Renovating the M-series as well as launching it at the same time with new schemes which include Samsung Care+ is helping the brand for its position restoration in the markets of India. When Samsung is compared to its competitors it has been witnessed that it has more diversified supply chains than others and that helps the brand in the maintenance of the steady flow of components. According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung was the first brand to reach almost full manufacturing capacity by the end of June month.

Anyhow, the Indian smartphone market is still led by Xiaomi which is followed by Samsung, then Vivo, Realme, and Oppo. These Chinese brands didn’t see any fall of share in the market.

India shelters more than three hundred fifty million feature phone users and the feature phone market was the worst sufferer in this pandemic bt a huge sixty-eight percent YoY in this quarter of the year. When the whole world is going through a massive economic breakdown, people are avoiding all kinds of discretionary purchases. This time of the year could turn out to be the best suited time to boost the sales of refurbished mobile phones in the market.

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