Typhoon Haishen Nears Japan With Heavy Rains And Lashing Winds Equivalent To A Tsunami

A very powerful typhoon is making its way towards southwestern Japan where authorities have urged civilians to brace for the impact. The typhoon carries heavy rainfall followed by lashing winds. Typhoon Haishen has withstanded winds of nearly 112 miles an hour which is a category 4 storm, said Japan’s meteorological agency on Saturday. The impact of the storm is likely to cause severe damage the city has seen in over a decade. This typhoon is likely to cause damages equivalent to a Tsunami, officials said. The typhoon Haishen is expected to hit the coasts of Okinawa around Sunday, experts predict.

Eye Of The Storm:
It is reported that Okinawa is expected to be hit by Haishen on Sunday. It has enough power to lash out and topple houses on the island. A warning has been issued on Sunday to the residents of Okinawa. People have been asked to evacuate as soon as possible in an orderly fashion without panic by the government. The storm is predicted to give out a rainfall of around 4 to 8 inches of rain. It is making its way to the coast at a speed of 112 miles per hour. The storm is said to hit Okinawa on Sunday before moving on to the island of Kyushu. Japanese meteorologists predicted that the winds and rainfall are going to start lashing out on Okinawa before the arrival of the storm. The typhoon is predicted to cause landfall equivalent to that of a category 3 or category 4 hurricane. Officials in Japan proposed that rivers, dams and canals will start overflowing if this typhoon makes contact with the city. Several airlines and railway companies have stopped their services due to the storm a day before impact. The cancellations will go through on Monday. The storm is then supposed to make its way to the Korean peninsula on Monday. Earlier this
Thursday Korea witnessed a typhoon called Maysak. The storm was vigorous. Typhoon Haishen is supposed to hit the same areas as Maysak. If this continues, typhoon Haishen is expected to be the second typhoon to cause landfall in the same region in a week.
According to reports, professionals have said that typhoon Haishen is not likely to cause landfall in the region. As it makes its course through Japan, the strength of the typhoon is likely to make it change its course along the way.


Precautions And Safety Measures:
Yoshihisa Nakamoto, an officer, told that this typhoon is likely to cause a disaster and that there is no doubt about it. This warning has put the government in alert and the government has decided to call in an early evaluation giving maximum caution. In Taramizu and in Kagoshima around 4600 people were urged to evacuate as quickly as possible, while authorities in Kyushu have warned their residents of the upcoming typhoon. Satoshi Sugimoto, another official said that the upcoming typhoon has enough power to create winds as powerful as a tsunami. They also said that this was their last chance to seek haven. In Minamidaitojima around 1300 residents have been warned to evacuate as the typhoon Haishen is proposed to hit along the Eastern side of the island of Okinawa. Hidehito Iha, a government official told AFP that the winds are getting stronger by the second and that the islanders must be on guard to withstand the impact of the typhoon. Several people were escorted by military personnel in Kagoshima for the purpose of evacuation to another island by helicopters. Several electronic companies such as Canon and Mitsubishi Electric have suspended services and have taken necessary measures to reduce the impact of the typhoon. Companies such as Toyota have also suspended operations in three of their plants. Nearly hundred flights have been grounded due to the storm. Bullet train services have also been suspended in Western parts of Japan on Monday to prevent the impact of the typhoon.

haishen korea visible satellite

Aftermath Of The Storm:
Meanwhile dozens of sailors in Japan went missing after a cargo ship sunk. A separate storm made it conducive for the sinking of the cargo ship. Japan has forced the coast guards to suspend the search for the missing sailors since there is another storm at large. Only two of the missing sailors were rescued. "The next day the search operation was resumed by an airplane following the impact of the storm. Still the airplane came in empty handed having no clue of the location of the missing sailors" a local coast guard said. Now the entire operations have been suspended until the typhoon Haishen passes across the country. The second survivor was found on Friday after a distress call was given by the gulf livestock 1, which was carrying almost 6000 cows and 43 crew members on board after the passing of typhoon Maysak. The survivor to be found first was on Wednesday evening along with the recovering of a second crew member on Friday at sea. Both the survivors were filipino and they have continuously been in contact with their families. Nearly 39 Filipinos, two New Zealanders and two Australians were on board. Typhoon Haishen reached South Korea after passing through Japan. Around eight million were asked to evacuate their homes in view of the typhoon. Almost 32 people were injured and four among them received severe cuts after the typhoon slammed through the evacuation centre breaking glasses and windows. In South Korea power has been cut to almost 5000 households around Busan, the southern tip of Korea. A warning has been issued to Jeju and Gyeongsang province in South Korea. In Japan almost 4 millions homes lost power in the Kyushu region because of the storm. Haishen has led to the closing of business centres, plants, schools and shopping malls. After typhoon Maysak, South Korea has witnessed another storm (Haishen) which has been one of the strongest storms in a decade. The aftereffects of the storm in South Korea is yet to know.

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