The deliberate concealment of the illegally obtained money, typically by means of transferring it across the foreign banks or through legitimate businesses is the typical definition which accounts for the crime of money laundering. In the immediate past itself there have been many such cases which have thwarted the country in terms of economic growth and reform as being a part of financial dodge.
Among the various instances of such fraudulent cases related with the financial institution of the country. The prominent case of Vijay Mallya has gained the most of limelight. Along with him the perjury of such illegal exposition has also being carried by one of the diamond merchant of the country Neerav Modi. 
Probes ascertain differentiation of enaction for the two fugitives…this statement in it give rise to various question of interest as to how the things had made to happen….?
And on this notation various question arise as to how the investigation of the two absconder go so biased?
Why probes against Vijay Mallya are still not implemented at its best?
On what grounds the bail plea of Neerav Modi denied?
 Why time and again Vijay Mallya enjoys the court adjournment?
Though Neerav Modi has been arrested by now for how Vijay Mallya will remain free ?
Has there been any political benediction associated with these perpetrators?
And, a lot more question which still remains unanswered as to how things have been in actual and how they have been claimed falsely…
Nevertheless, having discussed the above facts in brief. Here is how the whole rundown as to how the misdemeanor of money laundering and bank forgery by these two acclaimed trespasser took the contour of one of the biggest scams of all times…….
The background anecdote of deception.
Business Tycoon Malaya has been the former owner of the Kingfisher airlines and he has been charged with the money laundering amount of about 9000 crores from approximately about in all of 17 banks in totality. Once the monarch of so-called good times Vijay Mallya now is dodging in the hands of justice for 3 years as of now. Many a times India has been putting request to extradite Mallya by UK home secretary to partisan the acceleration order over which he has appealed hearing many a times and the request have got rescheduled positively in his favor.
 Equivalently  Neerav Modi along with his uncle Mehul Choksi  have also been  found accused for fallen as the  culprit to fraudulent PNB  bank with a due amount of about 5000 crores.
Before Neerav Modi made the quick exit he, wrote a letter to the PNB management and stated that  in all circumstances he is  unable to clear the dues  stated off  because as  of now they all have gone public and he is unable to indemnify the huge amount. 
Array of expatriation of the deserter ….!!
As per RTI query the ministry of external affairs has accelerated about 132 extradition requests to the government in the last 4 concurrent years.
 And here the question that has to be raised and things have to be understood that why after so much of extradition requests being made too, there is a no concrete decision taken against these fugitives??  Why theses culprits are being rendered support and are being aided across the case lines?
 The extradition of Businessman Vijay Mallya and Neerav Modi have brought up a trepidation in the order passed by the  prosecution for those  offenders who just take money from the bank and scuttle away without any clearance of the bank accounts, without even making an validating statement for the same.
These notable scams of money laundering have become more of as an evident check as to how the country is suffering from these truant bugs who have left the country indented with financial distress.
Million dollars of money is being drained out of the country and then these offenders are just simply fleeing away from one port to another without hesitation when on the contrary they should be offered a long prison sentence, especially when they have enacted no less than a murdered or a prisoner disrupting the economy of the country on such large extent.
Diamond merchant Neerav Modi was also for a long time  contesting the extradition proceedings in London which were then denied  bail this time having entertained him thrice before.
 Case trials have been now adjourned in India to start the trials of Neerav Modi with the PNB Bank so is it just a matter of coincident that his acceleration appeal was taken into consideration but the same for Vijay Mallya was not ascertained.
De-escalating the array of incidents to ascertain the legitimacy of episodes.. 
 The Question of the hour is that what makes these accused people survive in foreign countries even when they have been a part of perpetrating country’s biggest banking fraud time again. India government is meeting request for the acceleration of these too. But why by far have not succeed in any of its precede attainments.
 UK authorities have said that  Neerav Modi has been arrested under those all allegation which he had and has been taken into custody  but then here question arises as to why Vijay Mallya has not been arrested by now and  why Vijay Mallya has been  time and again managed  to get  bail over the extradition against him?
This scenario of undeniable facts of Vijay Malaya’s escape issue comes into notice when a request was put forth by the consortium of bank not allowing the main accused to leave the country under any circumstances, but to everyone’s astonishment by this time he had already fled away from country.
Another grave incident which happened to be in a row was that of a lookout notice which was released against him witnessed changes in the subject of the notice.
Earlier the notice being not allowing him to leave the country was then suddenly changed to the notice “information about the departure and arrival “which indeed aided him to fled away from the country.
Vijay left the country under by various unsaid and unexplained circumstances but the efforts to bring him back are still underway. The question now to be fired is why the LOC was changed essentially letting the person of interest leave the country.
 The current government is being criticized since the incident has been happened and many suspects too that it could not have taken place without any aid from somebody who governs the authority at the high end.
Not only this while Vijay Mallya fled to London, he claimed that he had spoken to then finance Minister Arun Jaitely and has comprehended him about this visit to Geneva for a meeting.
 Even in case of Neerav Modi high political intervention was seen which was ascertained from a written report discussed in Rajya Sabha finance minister Arun Jaitley on August 2018 which stated that the Mumbai branch of PNB has issued fraud to Neerav Modi Group of Companies, and the owner has fled away from the country under unsaid redemption.  The viscous cycle of bank fraud was disclosed as the scam got exposed. Neerav Modi retreated saying that his life is endanger as of the high debt which he owes to various parties and hence is unable to come to India.
 Question which arises in this perspective is that how can a finance minister have a meeting with such a person who has been accused to disrupt the economy of the country
Why did the finance minister did not inform the CBI about the accused purpose to  leave for London and how is it even possible that such a absconder is having a meeting with the high authority and can escape away raising just an  informal notice to the country? Most important question is that the people who are controlling the nation are really the ones who are controlling and planning these fugitives of the nation.
 Apprehension of Neerav Modi but Vijay Mallya still remains ameliorated. WHY? 
 Time and again Vijay Mallya has appeared before the Westminster district  in order to challenge and revoke the extradition request by India presented on him of the money laundering and fraud charges against him.
 Though it is being ascertained that as soon as Vijay mallya is within the boundaries of the country, he would be soon bound to be arrested.
But this too remain amidst in  fact because of the instances that has happened to Vijay Mallya  in which more of the times that opportunities are being given beside the probe.
 Despite UK code execution order will Vijay Mallya will not land in India soon and the probable reason  for that are: perhaps,  the magistrate court in London has decided that he will be repatriated back to India to face economic offence charges including alleged fraud on him but Vijay Mallay  do exhibit a full proof plan for the same too. He will indeed ask the UK high court for restoration and over the extradition decisions.
Not only has this had not only this Mallya also made an appeal in the Karnataka High Court about an offer so that it may not compound the criminal charges against him.
 While on the other hand the Westminster court has denied the bail plea filed by Neerav Modi as the prime accused of the PNB banking fraud case who was arrested by the Scotland yard police, It has been suggested that he confronted the denial with the bail plea on the ground that he is at a flight risk which mean that he had enough resources and Motives flee once again.
The bottom line 
 Though the economic offender’s bill 2018 has been newly introduced in India which shall allow the special prevention of money laundering by confiscating the properties of a person who has been declared a Fugitive economic offender. The devastating irregularities in the internal process of the bank functioning does huge amount of loans are now to be dealt on another criminal level stage Money laundering in many ways has the lead to conduct legitimate banking Grow Complex period of time and this Financial Institutions and Bank are essentially in into this dirty transactions as well it would appear with the recent times that no Bank no matter how prestigious are completely impervious to laundering crimes.
Coming to the end of the discussion they question remain unanswered as to how these absconder manages to disrupt the economy of the country to such large extent.
And why Vijay Mallya has been not under the radar of ED and CBI yet..?
Why the extraditions reported by Indian government have not been implemented by far?
 As discussed earlier that the bail plea of Neerav was rejected on the ground that he has enough resources to flee away? So, is it that Vijay mallya is running out of resources to run away ……………..or he again has a meeting with the finance minister before this next move …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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