What Is This? China Made An Exact Copy Of Tata Nexon Suv, Priced Lower Than The Original

Many such examples have also come up before when we have seen that Chinese companies are copying the design of vehicles. It seems that there is a lack of creativity and thinking of something new. Earlier a copy bike made in China was revealed which is currently being sold in Pakistan. In this new case, a new car Maple 30X (Maple 30X) has been launched in China and its design is clearly copied from the much popular Tata Nexon SUV in India.

China‘s automobile company,Fengsheng Automotive has launched a new electric crossover car Maple 30X. Electric cars are being liked all over the world. In such a situation, its demand is increasing. But currently the price of electric cars is much higher than petrol and diesel vehicles. But China’s Maple 30X can prove to be an electric car that can dominate the electric market around the world due to its low price.

The Chinese SUV is a crossover electric car of the entire sub-4-meter segment, which came under question from design copy. However its price is shocking. The initial price of this SUV in China is priced at $ 9,778 (about Rs 7.46 lakh). The Tata Nexon XM variant is priced at Rs 7.70 lakh.

Design Similarity
The Maple 30X’s front grille looks similar to the Tata Nexon. Apart from this, the side profile of the car also looks completely like Tata’s SUV. The Maple 30X SUV is available with a choice of four variants and five colors. Talking about the paint scheme, the dual-tone option of this SUV looks a lot like the Tata Nexon.

The electric SUV Maple 30X offers many features. It has a fully digital instrument cluster, climate control, GKUI infotainment system, LED light, flat-bottom steering wheel. Sunroof is also available in the top variants of this SUV. This SUV will be available for sale in China soon.

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