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10 Best SEO Practices to follow in 2020 by B2B startups and companies to generate leads

SEOs are one of the most prominent ways to generate leads in startups and companies. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the term SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is also called organic searching. It helps in directing viewers to your page. People who are your potential customers are called leads.

From a producer’s point of view, say your customer is searching for a company to buy stocks from. Out of the million stock marketing companies in the world, why does Google show only selected pages? Google is also a search engine. It gathers information from most credible sites and provides it to them. Want Google or any search engine to feature your page? You have to practice some strategies to be visible to your potential customer to view your page.

This guide is exclusively for you, helping you take baby steps if you are a startup and navigate through a wide range of options to explore if you are already a booming company looking for everlasting growth and benefits.

  1. Be polite but firm.

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People are generally skeptical to sign up with their credentials, including their email. Sometimes, just to stop the ad or page goes away, they may even give fake credentials that will jeopardize your data. Before straight up them rejecting you, give them, not oily but the genuine impressive virtual smile of yours.

That is the first way to attract a customer. Your customer will decide with your advertisement whether they’ll want you or not. That is not in your control. However, being polite, firm, and making them want you are totally in your hands. What to do when they skip you? Keep reading

  1. Rejection? Viola, there’s more to come.

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Most people will have no heart to reject you if you’re polite and firm. There will always be some people who will continue with the “opt for later” option. Not because they don’t want you. Just that they are indecisive at the moment. These people are always the most vulnerable target. They will eventually say yes if you persuade them the right way. Do not pester them, but keep sending gentle reminders.

You can hold on to them, by providing options. Instead of showing a no option, provide a “here’s our number card” and give a contact later option. That way most people, even if they reject you, are technically within your reach.

  1. Hi, I’m user friendly

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What is being user friendly? Letting your customer leave you and go at once if they say no? That is foolishness. Here, we are learning strategies. And here, being user-friendly means getting the right information without too much trouble. It also means, finding out who’s your potential customer. Your data will tell you whether this person will come back or not. If you’re smart enough, you’ll figure out who to reach by yourself, without wasting time.

You can set trigger mails and automatic response chain to persuade the user. After all, you do not get paid for anything. Better effort gets better customers. Be taunting, polite, and sorry at the same time. How to be like that?

  1. Pull in your customer by making their want as a need.
  2. Be polite and let them enjoy your hospitality, no one likes being treated rudely.
  3. If you’re not able to provide what they want, show your sad puppy face and notify them when you can do it for the next. Even offer coupons do wonder.

Most inexperienced company pop-ups require a detailed resume, asking from age to their house number. Unless your target audience is sorted by age group, (which is usually not the case) do not ask their age. This applies to all conditions. The maximum you will need is a name, phone number, and email.

  1. Let it show.

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Put in your creativity. Instead of asking contact number, include a unisex emoji or GIF asking a contact. When you’re different, you usually catch an eye. Even colors play an important role. Choose soothing neutral shades than blaring red to let your customer be comfortable with your advertisement. Include visual creativity that makes them comfortable (not hypnotic art or optical illusions) Tell them this is their best choice through your ideas and words.

 It is important to choose a neutral shade because you are not aware of your customer’s mood then. At the same time, don’t be boring with your splash or overdo it. Even boring is somewhat acceptable. Overdoing it will scare your customer or it will make them cringe. Either way, you can’t get them back. 

  1. Over here, Over there, Everywhere


When the search engine optimizes your search, you will certainly not be visible if you are in small letters in some corner of the world. Although small cursive letters bring some charm and hide some loops, prefer to be everywhere. How can you do that?

 Invest in advertisements. It is a worthy investment. It means you will be known to the world. Subconsciously, people will remember you. And who will they choose? You. Even if they choose your page accidentally, it adds to your advantage only.

  1. True to your promise?

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People visit your page. You get hundreds of customers for advertising right. Provide all the information they need. If they ask a query, respond to it immediately. Or at least make sure your team responds. At the time they decide to visit your page, they almost trust you. Wait, it’s not over.

This is in fact, your most crucial moment. Grab it. Show your promises. And as you show the promise, be true to your promise. If you lose one customer, you are losing one hundred future customers. It’ll take less than a few hours for them to lash you out on a social platform.

  1. Hard and clear, but positive

B2C SEO: 3 Powerful Strategies For Sales | Direction Inc.

 When it comes to someone finally trusting you, be clear. State all your regulations, in a lucid language. If you have any negatives (in the eye of the customer, even a small flaw will make you look highly negative) If you did not tell your customer registration takes money, they will feel cheated. Take the help of an HR professional makes even a negative sound positive.  

For example, to register as a user to the page, if they have to pay a fee, show various options for it. Include premium registration and platinum registration, but make one look more promising than others at a less cost. People will go for the better one instead of the basic one.

  1. Come here, Have a candy.

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What better way is there, to bring a customer through SEO, without offering freebies? Offer practical benefits. If your target audiences are women, as in you are running a blog for females, if they have been visiting your page regularly, send them a gift. You must know what makes them happy. 

In this case, some will be so into books, and sending extraordinary makeup and jewelry set is not the right kind of gift that you can give them. It is not a form of profit, really but it will retain your customer and if time is merciful, it will bring more customers. 

  1. Keep a count

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 Data might seem boring but it is essential. It helps you provide the right content according to the customer’s search. Ensure you have all the words, in your search; Even the words that are remotely related to the search. Enable the unrestricted word mode in setting to have relevant words.

Sometimes, your customer knows what they want but not exactly where or how to search for it. Additional data is not as tiring as it sounds. Maybe your customer will even be grateful for it.

  1. It’s your game too

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It is your job to stay for your page, through the ups and downs. Who knows, the page might shoot ups and downs. Once the customers are satisfied, they’ll always come back if you keep in touch. Have regular contacts. If possible, have a chatbot (a virtual robot for queries).

Send mails with the help of your ISP (internet service provider). Do not get demotivated or tired if the search engines show your page. Provide quality content as usual. If you play it right, then the game is yours.


To get the best results, you should put in your smart work. Try out these strategies to make your page known to the search engine. Get qualified as a certified page and earn a good rank.

Your page exists, but is it visible? That is why you use SEOs.

All good things take their own time. Wait patiently to grow. Even slow growth means growth and once it starts, it never stops. During tough times, refuse stress. Tell yourself, better times are yet to come. And when you become successful, Congratulations to you. Secondly, be humble and kind. Good luck with 2020.



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