14 Interesting Ways to Combat Boredom at Work

Boredom at work is very common. It is always there in a government sector job, where the work pressure is very low. Have you dozed off at work when you had nothing to do? Well, this is common in the workplace with employees.

Managers at every office are trying very hard to engage the employees. Because once you start doing a monotonous work daily, boredom is natural. The same excel sheets, the same files and the same people around you might be too boring to look at.

Even if a person loves his job, at some moment he will be saturated. But one cannot get rid of office life. Unless your job is very interesting, getting bored is casual.

Boredom is uncanny

7 things you can do to combat boredom at work | by josh hagan | medium

There could be many reasons for boredom in office work. A major reason could be job dissatisfaction. If an employee is not happy with his job role, getting bored in the office is obvious. Other reasons could be a very boring team, an unenthusiastic manager, fewer incentives to work, etc. Sometimes boredom persists even after a happy professional life.

Sometimes people reach a saturation level. Other times they want to take a break and have fun. Whatever be the reason, the ways to combat boredom are many. Below is a list of 14 classic techniques to combat boredom-

  • Are you in the right job? – The very first step is to check whether you are in the right job or not. If your job is fun for you, boredom is rarely seen. At the same time, if you don’t like the job profile, boredom exists. Hence, the first step to combat boredom is to realize whether you are in the right place or not. Shifting to a job role that you like is the key.


  • Make your teammates, real mates- When you do not have an interactive team, boredom strikes. Your team should be more than your team. It should be your family. Interacting with your teammates in a positive way can be the best solution for boredom.



  • Eat it out- Eating could be a fantastic way to combat boredom. When you are feeling like doing nothing, eating might help. Eat what you like the most. It not only makes you happy but energetic again. One can always cross the most boring hours of the day eating.


  • Take a break- It doesn’t make any sense to keep working in boredom. If you aren’t feeling enthusiastic about the work, take a break. Go out and do something you like. It makes you feel fresh. Continuing with a work you feel is boring might reduce your productivity. It can also be frustrating when you do not take a break.



  • Work differently- Your work may seem boring if you keep doing it the same way. Trying a new method to undertake the same work brings creativity. Your work will always be the same. But trying to it differently will make you like it. Undertake new projects, get new partners and make working fun.


  • Clean your clutter– Clean your desk once in a while. Cleaning gives you positivity. Once you clean your desk, you feel more productive and energetic. A clear desk gives a clear vision also. Whenever you boredom hits, try cleaning a bit. It engages your mind and at the same time makes it fresh. This is a psychologically proven method to combat boredom and laziness.



  • Go an extra mile- Don’t hesitate to take up challenges. When your work is not quite intriguing, boredom is always present. Hence always face new challenges. Take up tasks. Show, interest and take initiatives. This not only makes your work-life interesting but also gives you the passion to excel in it. Taking challenges is a great way to fight boredom and realize your potential at work.


  • Read what you love– Reading is always helpful to light up your mood. Whenever you are feeling bored or low, reading can relax your mind. It will give you new energy to start all over. When you take a break and read what you love, your body releases happy hormones. Due to these, you start feeling productive again.



  • Talk to people- Get up from your seat. Go around the office. Talk to your colleagues or your boss. Ask them about their day and how they are doing. Socializing in the office helps a lot. It kills your boredom and laziness. You can also call your home or your loved ones. This helps you take a quick break and get back to work.


  • Try out the common room- Every office has that one common pace where people sit and relax. Companies especially design these areas for employees to take a break. These areas have small table games, balls, cafeteria, and bean bags. One can eat and play here with others. Use this section of your office. Come here and free up your mind.



  • Improve yourselves- Whenever boredom hits you, try to be productive. Always keep a course in the background to switch to. Start reading a news journal in the meantime. Learn, about new things and what’s happening around. Work on your skillset.


  • Take a half-day leave- When not much is helping you cope up with work, take a day off. When you feel that you have had too much work, you need to rest. Sometimes boredom is genuine. You cannot get past this. Even if you try all the above techniques. When you know your boredom is strong, take a day off.
  • Munch on something- Always keep something to munch on your table. Be it candies or an energy bar. When boredom hits you, munch on something. Chocolate gives you energy. Hence a Choco energy bar is always preferable. Keep something to distract your help and avoid boredom.


  • Go on a vacation- When nothing works, you need a big break. Pack your bags and go for a vacation. You cannot always combat boredom when you are mentally tired. Hence, sometimes the best way is to take a big break and go out. This helps you to make a fresh start again. Anyway, never miss this chance if you are getting one.


how to effectively counter boredom at work

The above techniques are sure to kill your boredom. Try these out you would start noticing changes. Boredom is very common in an office setting. And also very undesirable to productive. Hence get above it. Work to the fullest and love your job. Don’t let bored on and laziness pull you down the ladder.

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