15 Home Based Freelancing Jobs for Moms during the Pandemic

Work at home jobs for mom can help them to stand at their own feet and raise money for the extruding expenses which can burden if the husband is the only one who is earning. Especially for a mom who cannot leave their babies, there are so many things that they can do and earn better than most of the other corporate going ladies. These work from jobs are always better because firstly, they will yield you higher pay, and secondly, you can take care of your baby while keeping a full monitor over them.

15 Home Based Jobs for Moms which they can easily do

Customer representative

Being a customer representative is an awesome way to work from home. Work from home customer representatives is filling up the entire workplace scenario. Everywhere you go, you will find them and it is quite visible. Their presence makes it sure that companies have leading tech support and management that can help to market their sales. For single moms, this job role is appropriate who likes to engage with a lot of other people. The median pay is quite good and the job role is flexible.

Data entry specialist

Being a data entry specialist has its glory. You can work all day from home and collect all the data which are needed to present it rightly on time. This is an amazing way through which you can source out a minimal salary as well, especially for all the moms trying for the first time.


Recruiting coordinator implies that you can sit at your own home and then recruit members for your team. It is an amazing job role that requires you to pay attention to special talents. A perfect job for the keen observer.


As a remote proofreader, you can proofread all the contents which are presented by the company, check all the grammatical errors happening over time and rectify the smallest of inconveniences on the paper caused.

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Content Writer

The work of a content writer is pretty specific and you can do this from your home, whilst having to watch your kid as well. There are a variety of topics that you can write on, newsletters, white papers technical, etc.


The main difference between a content writer and a blogger is that a blogger works for themselves whereas a content writer works for a variety of firms or one, depending on their freelancing. You can start your blogging while staying at home. 

Virtual Assistant

One of the best degrees which you can opt-out for, being a virtual assistant is amazing. You can get to have so many things being juggled all at once. The work of virtual assistance is to take care of the whole work of a company or the supervisor like scheduling their appointment, etc.


In this job role, you need to record and write the transcriptions which have been there for ages. This amazing role helps you to know about several of cultural subjects over time.

Online teacher

While being a work from home mom can be a tedious job, you can apply for the role of an online teacher. Online teachers are respected plus you can teach more than one student at a time.

Graphic designer

One of the most creative roles that you can do as a working home mom is to be a graphic designer. It is an amazing scope and packs a lot of punches since you can get to work with so many creative heads over time.

Social media marketer

A social media marketer takes care of the social media posts and all the social media handles of a company. They are appointed to take hold of all social media management to help the company succeed socially.

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Marketing specialist

You can be a work from home mom and become an expert in marketing management too. All you have to do is to make sure that you hold a basic degree into that scope to get into this line of work.

Travel consultant

The work of a travel consultant is pretty simple. All you have to do is to consult the fellow travelers about the itineraries details and everything rightly on time.

Health coach

You can become a health coach online as well. While being a mom, you get to understand and uncover so many so being a practical health coach can be a good feat.

Web Designer

Last but not the least, this 15 Home Based Jobs for Moms is never complete without the option for a web designer. You can become a web designer and at the same time, earn loads while you freelance for various companies.

These amazing 15 Home Based Jobs for Moms can help you to gain quite a lead and take of your child at the same time. Don’t worry about the pay because these are quite average to what you can opt for.

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