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Adani Group stocks snap 8-day losing streak of Rs 1 Lakh crore market cap as key Adani stocks incur losses

Indian market shares suffered for direction in the acute volatile session. The slump has been observed after the proposition of the Union Budget 203 and the crash of the Adani group’s stocks that contributed to the short-seller report.

The attack on Adani companies has caused the stocks’ sell-off for the last two sessions.
The Nifty 50 Index (NSEI) closed 0.25 higher at 17648.95 while the S&P BSE Sensex surged to 0.29 percent accounting for 59500.41. Both indexes showed a trend from 0.6 percent profits and 1.1 percent losses during the session while upgrading to the current trend.

Analysts have compared the index in the last two sessions.

Indian equities declined to the three-month lowest on Friday because of the Hindenburg report that caused the selloff in banks.

Adani enterprises have suffered severely with the sale of the flagship company showcasing 2 percent of the subscription.

The director and fund manager of Ambit asset Management, Aishvarya Dadheech has stated that the markets will stay volatile after the proposition of the Union Budget 2023. The Indian volatility index has demonstrated a surge of 2 percent, accounting for 17.71 points on Monday. It is the highest value recorded in the last three months.

Analysts have expressed their fears about the decline in financial investments after the Adani saga, where the Hindenburg report questioned the legitimacy of the Adani companies.

The valuation of Adani enterprises has increased by 10 percent to achieve profits and settled at 4.76 percent higher, while the Adani Ports valuation has changed negligibly. ACC and Ambuja Cements demonstrated growth of 1 percent, while the other group stocks remained corrected for the third consecutive time.

Adani group

Out of the Nifty50 constituents, 29 companies have advanced, while the other 21 companies suffered losses.
Among individual stocks, Bajaj finance performed well and increased by 4.5 percent after its third-quarter earning estimates, while the valuation of Sun Pharma hanged at an eight-year high of its third-quarter results.
On the other hand, foreign institutional investors had sold 1.03 USD worth of shares before the Hindenburg report was revealed.

It has been predicted that the Indians will shift to India’s Union Budget calendar as the government initiated the borrowing calendar for the fiscal year 2024.

The market will even be dependent on the rate decisions by the global central banks and automobile sales for January.

The U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the European Central Bank will announce the rate decisions by the end of this week.

Hindenburg report caused the shares of Adani Group to plummet by 20 percent:

Adani group's stocks

Adani Ports and SEZ’s valuation has dropped 874.16 points or 1.45 percent, while the shares of the Adani Group have lost another day’s worth of value, bringing it to 18.5 percent.
The Hindenburg searches for man-made disasters, including accounting errors, poor financial management, and haven of tax burdens.

The value of Adani’s shares has dropped by more than 50 billion USD as a result of the allegations made by the Hindenburg corporation. The flagship unit of Gautam Adani is receiving extra funding from India’s largest life insurer. LIC has sent 3 billion USD as an anchor investor in Adani Enterprises shares.

The investments would represent 4.2 percent of the current holdings of the corporation.

The size of LIC’s investment in January demonstrated the widespread confidence in Asia’s richest man and his organization. Due to the allegations made by the Hindenburg group, the Adani Group is in a challenging situation. The reports openly denounce Adani’s swift ascent as the biggest business fraud in history.

Along with 33 other investors, Lic is one of the biggest investors in the Adani Group.

The Adani Green Energy Ltd. and Adani Total Gas Ltd. equities both fell by 20% as a result of the Hindenburg group’s strong selloff on Thursday. Additionally, the value of the Adani groups decreased by 19%.
As a result of the occurrence, Gautam Adani is now the seventh wealthiest person in the world.

The last eight trading sessions have shown a decline in the market cap of 1 lakh crore INR for the Adani Group.

But, in the recent session, most Adani groups have demonstrated a comeback by hitting the upper circuit limits. The group’s total marginal value accounted for 11506 crores INR after the closing of the market.

According to the BSE data, Adani group’s market cap is below the 10 lakh crore mark from a downfall of 19,2 lakh crore INR on January 24. The decline in the stocks has come despite the group strictly denying the allegations made by the Hindenburg report.

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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