Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features

Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features

It’s not difficult to reap the benefits of Alexa if you own Amazon Echo speakers or Fire TV devices. Nevertheless, most of these devices need the power to function, so they cannot be as portable as they would otherwise be. Amazon Echo TWS earbuds, with their Alexa AI and TWS earbuds, offer the best of both worlds by providing the best of both worlds. In the Indian audio market, these earbuds aren’t new but are now more affordable.

Customers can get the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) for just Rs 6,100 (probably a limited offer). At launch, the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) cost Rs 11,999. These earbuds also have ANC (active noise cancellation) and transparency audio modes, both standard features of most premium earbuds today. Furthermore, each earbud has three microphones, so you can take calls and enter commands.

Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features Customers who have Amazon Alexa can manage the earbuds through its Android and iOS apps, which eliminates the need to download a separate app. For Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers and TV users, the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) may seem like a great TWS earbud option, but there are a few problems.


First and foremost, earbuds need to be well-fitted. A black colour option is available for the Amazon Echo Buds. The device comes with an in-canal design. Fitting is snug, and an ear fin or ear wings are included in the package to ensure a stable fit. Most earphones come with different-sized ear tips, so we get ear tips to fit different sizes of ears. Although they are reasonably light, the earbuds are somewhat thick in the body.

The result is that these earphones stick out of your ears, which can be annoying to some people. Wearing earbuds can be comfortable even when running. Usually, wearing in-canal style earbuds after prolonged use isn’t ideal for me because I am not blessed with big ears. Similarly, my Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) caused me problems after wearing them for about 45 minutes. Amazon Echo Buds operate equally to Amazon Echo speakers, allowing simple voice commands to carry out various tasks. With the three-mic system, the earbuds work pretty well indoors and outdoors.Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features

Despite this, Alexa still needs improvement in recognizing Indian accents and English and Hindi pronunciation variations. Streaming music can be played manually via earbuds via a popular streaming app. Searching for music can also be done using Google Assistant or Siri. Playing music with Alexa isn’t the only way to do it. Using Alexa’s voice command, you can command it to play a song, artist, or album on your favourite music platforms such as Hungama or Amazon Music.

You can even get the latest news or weather updates by using the Amazon Echo Buds. Alexa can manage your innovative home products even when you are away from home if you have connected them to Echo Buds. When you are away from home, you can ask Alexa to turn on all smart lights by creating routines in the Alexa app.Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features

With Alexa, users can speak both Hindi and English commands. Alexa-enabled devices and apps share data, creating a mini Amazon ecosystem. The Alexa app allows users to muffle the microphone for privacy purposes. Connected smartphones, as well as smart home devices, require stable internet connections to work with Alexa.

Audio Quality

With Echo Buds (2nd-Gen), most regular customers won’t complain about its audio output. There is a strong emphasis on mid-frequency and treble for the earbuds, along with punchy bass. In this regard, The Staves discography (highly recommended if you haven’t already) can be inconsistent. Apple Music’s Essential and Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers albums by Kendric Lamar and Doja Cat delivered some great low beats.Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features

Touch control and equalizer are included in the Alexa app, making it easier for users to tweak their devices. Equally strange is that users cannot control the volume of the earbuds. Regarding noise cancellation, these earbuds provided impressive levels of noise cancellation. The earbuds could filter out subtle background noise outdoors, which I typically don’t do for safety reasons. In addition, the ambient and transparency modes are available to users for outdoor use.


The Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) are loaded with features at a cost. If you turn on ANC, your battery power lasts about four hours. It can be extended even further by turning off the microphones or using the power-saving mode, but it makes little difference. A USB-C charging cable is also included in the box by Amazon. There are quite a few options with Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen), but their battery performance isn’t stellar, which could deter customers from purchasing.

Check Out These Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen Features

We still have not received the OTA update to improve the battery backup. The earbuds do, however, offer a lot more than rivals like the Nothing Ear 1 or Sony WF-C500 for a price of roughly Rs 6,000. With Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) earbuds, your lifestyle will become more innovative if you already have smart devices like Echo speakers or smart lights. You might want to look at other options with better battery backup if you’re paying over Rs 10K for these buds.

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