Andrew Tate: Why Romanian authorities have arrested controversial celebrity Andrew Tate?

Why was controversial celebrity Andrew Tate detained in Romania? Tate, who is also currently blocked on Instagram and also YouTube due to incidents of hate speech, was arrested on serious charges of rape and human trafficking.

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality and also former kickboxer, was also detained in Romania on currently Thursday (December 29), along with his brother, on current suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and organising a criminal organisation, one day after mere engaging in a Twitter argument with main climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Tate has been charged with using sexist and hateful language in the past. According to Reuters, his brother Tristan will be also detained for 24 hours, along with two Romanian suspects, after the country’s anti-organized crime unit searched their Bucharest homes during a raid.

What exactly are the accusations against Tate, and how did he also become one of the most well-known online personalities of the present?

What is Andrew Tate accused of doing?

A main criminal investigation into the Tate brothers has also been ongoing since April, according to Reuters. Despite their lawyer’s confirmation of their detention, they refused to comment.

According to prosecutors, “the four suspects… appear to have also created an organised crime group with the purpose of hiring, housing, and exploiting women by compelling them to produce pornographic content intended to be seen on specialised websites for a fee.” “They would have made a lot of money,” the prosecution claimed. Authorities discovered six women who had been sexually abused by the suspects.

Andrew Tate was allegedly arrested in Romania under human trafficking charges, per report | Marca

Who is Andrew Tate?

Tate, also known as King Cobra, is a 36-year-old American-British kickboxer, according to his website CobraTate. He holds the ISKA Kickboxing world championship title and works as a commentator for the Romanian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion company Real Xtreme Fighting.

In 2016, he appeared on the main UK reality show Big Brother before being fired after a video surfaced showing him appearing to strike a woman, which he denied.

His distinct brand of self-help guidance for men in the areas of career, finances, and personal life, and mental health, dubbed “Tate speech,” has contributed to his steady rise in popularity. Teenage boys make up a sizable portion of his audience. Tate is arguably the current most well-known of a group of men from the West who call themselves “Men’s Rights Activists” and have a similar message. They have claimed to empower men through a plethora of YouTube channels and podcasts in recent years.

His content has recently become extremely popular, with Google searches for him outnumbering those for Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump by June of this year. Short clips (typically less than a minute long) of his videos or interviews are taken and posted on TikTok or also as Instagram Reels videos, where they are also viewed by millions of people worldwide.

Why is Tate so popular and divisive?

Though it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact reason, one of the main draws of influencers such as Tate is that they appear to recognise some of the real issues that many men appear to be experiencing, such as what it also means to be a man or to be also masculine in the main modern world, doubting one’s identity and also self-worth, and also frustration due to a sense of aimlessness in one’s career or personal life.

Andrew Tate's arrest divides Twitter, celebrities like Cardi B, Dillon Danis & more react

Tate entices viewers with the legend he has created around himself. On his website, he claims to have spent 5,000 of his previous human years on Wudan Mountain. I remember every detail of my life. The struggle of life. Conflict leads to violence… If you also don’t put in the effort to become a remarkable man. You are nothing. And every woman will prove to you that you don’t exist.

He frequently quotes from the acclaimed US science fiction series The Matrix, which explores how people reject a world in which they have no control over their own lives. Tate, on the other hand, reinforces the idea that people are worthless if they are not “successful,” with a successful life limited to acquiring immense power by providing men with a sense of community and also the secrets of wealth creation.

Tate has also stated that the women who mainly report sexual harassment and also rape bear some responsibility for the crimes, and that if a woman betrays him, he will “bang out the machete, boom in also her face, and grip her up by the neck.” As a result of his comments, he was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok; however, after Elon Musk took over, he was allowed to rejoin.

He frequently spreads outdated and stereotypical views of society in which men are the sole household providers and women are solely responsible for raising a family. This is also true for others like him. Because there are no age restrictions for enrolling in his courses, there has been some concern that young men will be drawn in by his philosophy and programmes.

Fans have complained that the clips frequently use Tate’s quotes out of context, and that his portrayal and positive influence is inaccurate. However, the fact that numerous websites have blocked him, he has been detained, and Thunberg has been unfairly attacked on Twitter calls that assertion into question.

Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, used the phrase “small dick energy” in response to former kickboxer Andrew Tate’s viral tweet about his “33 cars and their enormous emissions.” Tate snapped and began tweeting more disparaging things about Thunberg to back up her case as Thunberg’s response gained traction (it has received 2.5 million likes so far).

What exactly does “small dick energy” mean? How does the phrase combat toxic masculinity, and how did it become popular? What are some of the terms’ detractors? We provide clarification.

Andrew Tate Responds to Arrest In Romania: 'The Matrix Sent Their Agents'

First, a quick recap of Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg’s feud. Andrew Tate is no stranger to controversy. He was kicked off Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok earlier this year for making sexist remarks (he got his Twitter account back after Elon Musk bought the platform).

Tate was a Big Brother UK contestant in 2016, but he was kicked off after a video of him assaulting a woman surfaced online. According to his website, “I’m Andrew Tate, a multi-millionaire kickboxer and world champion kickboxer. I teach courses on how to make money. I was poor when I was younger, but now I’m worth millions. I teach those who deserve it about modern wealth creation.

Tate, who opposes Thunberg’s environmental activism, believes that “your main government should tax you into poverty to keep the sun from being hot.”

On December 27, he tweeted, “Hello @GretaThunberg,” tagging Thunberg. I have 33 vehicles. I own a Bugatti W16 8.0L quad turbo. MY TWO Ferrari 812 Competitizione’s 6.5L v12s are. This is just the start. Please provide your email address so that I can also send you a complete list of my car collection and their massive emissions.

Thunberg responded on December 28th, “Yes, please enlighten me. My email address is [email protected].

Since then, this tweet has received 91.4K quote tweets and 424K retweets. Thunberg has not responded further, but Tate has tweeted and retweeted hateful messages about the adolescent activist, including a video in which he sits in a silk robe and asks her what gender she is, all while exuding extreme small dick energy.

What, then, is called small dick energy?

Despite its name, small dick energy has also nothing to do with the body part to which it refers in slang. The emphasis is on energy; those who lack it are petty, insecure, and, at worst, use arbitrary cruelty to cover it up. You’ve met these people—men and women who yearn for acceptance and, when denied, resent the world and are willing to harm it.

Because he hasn’t accomplished much in his own life, that uncle tries to dominate the younger people around him? Small-scale energy production The senior executive whose career has plateaued and who is unkind to promising juniors? Small-scale energy production The wealthy cousin who constantly boasts about his car and running distance because he believes people don’t worship him enough? Small-scale energy production Internet troll who exists solely to harass wealthy women? a lot of little dick energy

The antithesis of this is “big dick energy,” which is a sense of security-based confidence, even swagger, rather than a desire to rule. People who exude big dick energy are self-assured and use their radiance to lift others rather than throw them under the bus. Big dick energy is often viewed as the polar opposite of toxic masculinity: it is a force, but it is a good force that does not pose a threat.

Above all, anyone can have a lot of dick energy. Draco Malfoy, for example, has low dick energy compared to Fred, George, and Ginny Weasley’s (smart, brave, and kind) high dick energy. Shah Rukh Khan’s Kal Ho Na Ho character is very animated. Joe March from Little Women and Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen both have a lot of energy. The historical Mark Antony lacks the charisma of William Shakespeare’s Mark Antony in Julius Caesar.

Greta Thunberg's Andrew Tate take-down leads to his arrest in Romania in human trafficking case

Where did the phrase come from?

The exact etymology of the word is unknown, but it went viral in 2018 when American singer Ariana Grande tweeted about her then-fiancé Pete Davidson before deleting it. “Pete Davidson is 6’3 with dark circles, exudes big dick energy, appears evil but is apparently an angel, and publicly loves his girl. The only thing wrong with him is that he’s a scorpio, but I married him within a month as well “As this was being discussed on Twitter, user @babyvietcong tweeted. According to The Guardian, this user stole the phrase from a tweet by @imbobswaget.

The phrase struck a chord, and the internet happily spent countless hours debating which famous people and fictional characters have a lot of dick energy and who clearly does not.


Many people have pointed out that, despite their attempts to criticise toxic masculinity, the terms continue to make the absurd connection between worth and positivity and genitalia size. Others argue that the topic of how insecurity can cause people to become irrational is serious, and that using the term “small dick energy” makes it difficult to have a productive discussion.

edited and profread by nikita sharma

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